Level 1 Certification is designed for any golf, fitness or medical professional looking to expand their knowledge of how the body influences the golf swing. TPI has generated swing and physical data on well over 60,000 golfers of all skill levels, from the top players in the world, to weekend enthusiasts. Through years of research and with the help of the TPI Advisory Board, TPI developed what is now their core philosophy, the Body-Swing Connection™.

The Level 1 online class and two-day live workshop teaches students the fundamental concepts of the Body-Swing Connection™; how many of the most common swing characteristics and loss of swing efficiency are directly connected to how the body is functioning. Students learn TPI’s physical assessment screen, how the screen results are connected to swing characteristics, and drills and exercises to get your client back on track. At the live workshop, students take what they’ve learned online and apply it in real life cases to become proficient and confident.


The Team Approach

Learn how the nature of golf instruction has changed over the course of the past fifteen years and why it’s so important to include physical assessment and conditioning as part of a player’s performance plan.

The Kinematic Sequence

Dr. Greg Rose takes the student through TPI’s philosophy of the golf swing and introduces 3D biomechanics. One of the fundamental concepts of the Body-Swing Connection™ is interpreting the kinematic sequence to determine swing efficiency. This section of the course leaves the student with a clear understanding of how the body efficiently generates power during the golf swing.

The Big 12 Swing Characteristics

In this section, Dave Phillips explains and demonstrates the most common swing characteristics TPI has identified in world’s top players and amateurs alike. Being able to identify how certain swing characteristics are directly connected to physical characteristics such as instability, lack of mobility or weakness is the core of the Body-Swing Connection™.

TPI’s Physical Screen

Learn how to take a golfer through TPI’s physical assessment screen and identify limitations in the body that may be affecting the player’s golf swing. This sixteen-part screen is simple, quick and the foundation for all higher-level courses of study at TPI. The TPI physical screen is the fundamental concept that changed the course of the golf fitness industry and what it means to be fit to play golf.

Rotation Corrections

Learn corrective drills and exercises for those players who failed any of the rotational assessment screens.

Flexion and Extension Corrections

Learn corrective drills and exercises for those players who failed any of the flexion or extension assessment screens.

Stability Corrections

Learn corrective drills and exercises for those players who failed any of the stability assessment screens.

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At the Level 1 workshop, students spend two days learning how to apply what was learned in the Body-Swing Connection™ through hands-on practical application. TPI instructors work with students to demonstrate how to become proficient in the TPI physical screen and how to integrate these assessments into your coaching, training or rehabilitation practice.

Students learn the value of the TPI team approach by working directly with other golf, fitness and medical professionals in real life body-swing evaluations. For many students, they leave the Level 1 workshop deeply embedded into the culture of golf fitness while having developed new lifelong friends and business associates.


PGA Members may claim a total of 18 MSR “Required Education” credits (4 credits for the online course and 14 credits for the two-day seminar). A Certificate of Completion must accompany any application for MSR Credits

PGA Professionals (Great Britain & Ireland)
PGA Professionals (Great Britain & Ireland) will be credited with 80 CPD points as part of the PGA’s Member Education Programme (70 CPD points for the online course/seminar and 10 CPD points for successfully passing the test). A Certificate of Completion and confirmation of assessment must accompany any application for CPD points.

LPGA Members may claim a total of 8 Non-LPGA Continuing Education Units for participating in this approved program. CEU submissions must be accompanied with a Certificate of Completion.


All students who successfully pass the Level 1 examination will receive a TPI Certified Level 1 designation.

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