Gray Cook Band (FMT)- Medium


    Price: $39.95

    FMT tubing is used on a daily basis at TPI with both our elite level touring professionals and amateurs of all ages and skill levels. Functional Movement Tubing is used to restore or maintain stability and develop proper movement patterns and motor sequencing during the golf swing.


    Band training can be used at angles that can provide the desired combination of vertical and horizontal loading. These applications make band training perfect for training deceleration and changes of direction.


  • All-purpose band can be used for chops, lifts, presses, PNF patterns and more.
  • 5' band stretches up to 3X its length for variable resistance.
  • Sliding foam pads for easy, comfortable grip.
  • Nylon loop at each end allows band to be attached to a door or used with a therapist.
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