JVC launches new camera for coaching.

Wed Apr 17, 2013 by David Phillips

At the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, JVC announced their new flagship high performance camera the JVC GC-PX100. This high end SLR/Camcorder may be the perfect camera that coaches and athletes have been looking for since the Casio EX F1 that launched in 2008.

With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, images and video can be beamed to and viewed on smart devices. Used together with special apps developed exclusively for this camera and downloadable free of charge from Apple App Store or Google Play Market, this camera’s high-performance functions and Wi-Fi capability take on special meaning as the ultimate “assistant coach” as it now will enable coaches to watch the video stream on a tablet while scribbling annotations onto the playback image, and more.

To accommodate any situation there are multiple high frame rate video modes ranging from speeds of 100fps to 600fps, however their is know manual shutter adjustment during high-speed video filming, which is essential for capturing the movement of a golf club in action or other high speed objects clearly. It also has a touchscreen interface that is nothing but annoying. When your trying to analyze a video, the buttons are always in the way of the image. This camera had the chance to really be something special but with no manual shutter adjustment during high speed filming,  a quirky on screen interface and a price tag of almost $1000.00, it gets a C+ at best from me. 

I think coaches that want to use it for team sports and don't need high speed or slow motion funtionality might get the most use out of a camera like this. 



  • Anonymous User

    Hi David - what is currently the best option available in the market for a camera with high fps and a manual shutter capable of shutter speeds up to 1/40,000? I am having a hard time finding anything that fits this criteria. Is the only option to find an older Casio model?

  • Anonymous User

    Check out the android app Coaches Eye it has slow motion that works great for most situations.

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