Dr. Ernst Zwick

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Dr. Ernst Zwick

Ernst B. Zwick, MD, PD

Dr. Ernst B. Zwick is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specialized in paediatric orthopaedics. He received his training at the Medical Universities of Vienna and Graz,  Austria and Medical Schools in Heidelberg and Aachen, Germany. Besides his private practice, Ernst works a medical advisor and consultant to help sports bodies, coaches and trainers to enhance the quality of junior training and to implement Long-Term-Player-Development (LTPD) concepts. 

Ernst is a co-founder of Growmetry, an internet service which allows to estimate the biological age of children and young adolescents. To know and to honor the biological age of junior athletes is a key when it comes to the application of Long-Term-Player-Development concepts. As a senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Ernst takes care of numerous golf professionals playing on the first three level European tours and is the medical professional for the national amateur teams of Austria.

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