Are you already Active Certified or in the process of getting Certified in one of the TPI courses and have questions on course material? No problem. Register for an upcoming TPI LIVE and ask TPI instructors directly!

Active TPI members can submit questions in advance or during the session on any topic relevant to the course, your business, practical application of curriculum or any other subject relating to TPI. On the day of the event, simply login to the portal via the link provided and watch TPI instructors answer questions from TPI members around the world.

Each TPI LIVE episode will then be posted to the archive below as a resource for all Active TPI members.


Track Date Time Register
Level 1 July 15th 2019 (Monday) 8:30 AM PST •••
Golf July 15th 2019 (Monday) 10:00 AM PST •••
Junior July 15th 2019 (Monday) 11:30 AM PST •••
Fitness July 16th 2019 (Tuesday) 8:30 AM PST •••
Medical July 16th 2019 (Tuesday) 10:00 AM PST •••


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