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Madrid - Golf Level 2, June 24 - 25, 2019 (Monday - Tuesday)

TPI’s Golf 2 seminar builds on the what was taught in Level 1 by linking the Body-Swing Connection™ to the actual flight of the golf ball. Using the power of TPI’s research on over 1,000 Tour professionals, students learn insights into what the best golfers in the world do and how it can help them become a better golf coach. The seminar explores the physics of ball flight alongside the advanced Big 12 swing characteristics, as well as TPI’s favorite drills and practice programs to address the Big 12. The seminar also takes a deeper look into 3D biomechanics and the science of motor learning to gain a better understanding of what the best golfers do during their swings. This class is full of practical applications as well as a variety of practice strategies to help you become a more effective teacher.

Speakers: Dave Phillips
Instructor Language: English
Translator Language: Spanish
Manual Language: Spanish
Please Note: If you would like an English manual, please contact customer service.
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Certification Prerequisite: TPI Certified Level 1
Date(s): June 24 - 25, 2019 (Monday - Tuesday)
Location: Real Federacion Espanola de Golf
Calle Arroyo del Monte, 5
Madrid , Spain 28035
Phone: 915552682
Hotel: Recommended Hotel near the Federation:

Hotel Eurostars Monte Real 
Calle de Arroyofresno, 17
Madrid, Spain 28035

* Mention the TPI Seminar at RFEG as a discount may apply
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Day 1 Registration:       9:15  - 10:00                           

The seminar begins promptly. Please allow enough time to register / find seating.
Day 1 Session 1:   10:00  - 13:30       
The day 1 opening session begins by demonstrating how TPI uses the full assessment screen in conjunction with video analysis to establish the Body-Swing Connection with an introduction to advanced corrections. The class then moves into the Science of Ball Flight.                               
Day 1 Lunch:               13:30  - 14:45
Day 1 Session 2:          14:45  - 18:45
Session 2 covers ball flight mechanics and how to modify ball flight patterns with tools and technique to have your students showing immediate improvements.
Day 2 Session 1:          9:00  - 12:30
Day 2 begins with an introduction to advanced biomechanics. The class then progresses to the Big 12 swing characteristics and demonstrates the advanced aspects of each characteristic and TPI’s favorite drills and techniques to address the characteristic.
Day 2 Lunch                13:00  - 14:15
Day 2 Session 2           14:15  - 18:15
Session 2 continues with the advanced Big 12 and then moves into building effective practice programs with discussions on the science of motor learning and neuroscience.


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