Golf Level 2 Certification

This course is designed for serious golf instructors who desire to be at the forefront of how golf is taught at the highest levels. The course will help you master the Physics of Projectiles so you know why ball flight behaves the way it does and how ball flight can be manipulated based on your student’s physical capabilities. Golf 2 also dives into teaching advanced golf skills - covering the short game, putting, skills assessment and even various practice strategies to make you a more effective teacher of the game.




The Physics of Ball-Flight

Beginning with a breakdown of TPI's 13 Ball Flight patterns, Dave Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose simplify the physics of the golf swing and ball flight by answering three fundamental questions: why did the ball start there; why did the ball curve like that; and why did the ball go that far? Animations and real-world scenarios immediately help students grasp an advanced understanding of golf mechanics.

Teaching Around Physical Limitations

Learn how the limitations found in the TPI assessment screens create direct Body-Swing Connections, and how you can teach your golfer to work around any of those limitations to get the most out of their swing.


Acclaimed short-game guru, James Sieckmann takes you into the bunker to show you why the wedge game is completely different from the full swing, and the proper way to teach effective wedge mechanics to golfers at any skill level. James touches on 3D biomechanics of the short-game, chipping, pitching, distance wedges and a variety of specialty shots around the green.


Dave Phillips demystifies the art of putting by shedding light on much of the science behind it. Learn how to evaluate a player’s putting skills, green reading, starting the ball on line, speed control, practice programs and equipment, and how to get better at all of the above skills along the way. Finally, Dave has a one-on-one with one of the biggest names in putting, Scotty Cameron.

Visual Assessment

Dr. Rose discusses the role of vision and how the eyes influence your game. We will cover how to assess not only your golfer's visual systems, but even his/her ability to visualize. These vision evaluations and eye exercises are critically important, and can dramatically alter your putting and full swing mechanics.

Practice Principles

Dr. Rose and Dr. Tim Lee share the most effective practice strategies proven to accelerate a student’s learning and enhance the transfer of skills to the golf course. They will deconstruct the science of motor learning, altering why we practice and the way that we practice, and finally, reveal how to provide the kind of feedback that implements a successful teaching plan.

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PGA Members may claim a total of 10 MSR “Required Education” credits. A Certificate of Completion must accompany any application for MSR Credits.

LPGA Members may claim a total of 8 Non-LPGA Continuing Education Units for participating in this approved program. CEU submissions must be accompanied with a Certificate of Completion.

PGA Professionals (Great Britain & Ireland)
PGA Professionals (Great Britain & Ireland) will be credited with 50 CPD points as part of the PGA’s Member Education Programme (40 CPD points for the online course and 10 CPD points for successfully passing the test). A Certificate of Completion and confirmation of assessment must accompany any application for CPD points.
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  • Must be Credentialed/Licensed to teach golf or in the business of golf instruction (eg. PGA, LPGA, PGA or LPGA apprentice, Biomechanist, School Coach or other recognized coaching certification, etc.)
  • Must be TPI Level 1 Certified
  • Must successfully pass the Golf 2 examination

Note: Individuals who do not meet the Golf 2 Certification requirements may still complete Golf 2 and will receive a Golf 2 "Minor" designation in their Expert Profile upon successfully passing the Golf 2 examination.



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