Medical Level 3 Certification

The Level 3 Medical Certification is a two day practical hands-on learning experience. It is now time to put into practice all the diagnostic and rehabilitation skills that were taught in Level 1 and Level 2 Medical. Get personalized instruction from some of the best in the golf health and fitness business. Dr. Greg Rose, Dave Phillips and Dr. Michael Voight are your main hosts for the two days. Combined, they have over 75 years of experience in working with and treating some of the best golfers in the world.

Special Note regarding TPI Medical 3 and SFMA Certification

TPI has partnered with SFMA to deliver SFMA’s hands on certification workshop as part of TPI’s Medical 3 Certification class. Because of this unique arrangement, students receive the following benefits:

  • Individuals who are NOT currently SFMA certified but take the TPI Medical 3 course, will have access to the SFMA online certification test complimentary. To earn SFMA certification they can go directly to step three and take the online test from SFMA (


The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

SFMA instructors Dr. Greg Rose and Dr. Michael Voight will help you perfect your SFMA practical skills. Students will master the Top Tier Assessment and each of the seven Breakouts.

Advanced Body-Swing Connection

With the help of TPI Co-Founder Dave Phillips, we will continue to advanced each participants knowledge of the Body-Swing Connection™. We will continue to cover advanced swing characteristics and more advanced golf terminology.

Injury Inducing Mechanics

As covered in Level 2 Medical, making the link between certain injuries and the golf swing is a critical step in solving the player's problems. We will discuss in detail each of the major injury inducing mechanics. Advanced swing analysis, including 3D motion capture will be used.

Visual System Evaluation

It's now time to practice TPI's visual assessment. Students will assess each others visual system and how it relates to common golf swing characteristics.


  • Must be a Credentialed/Licensed healthcare practitioner engaged in the business of providing healthcare services to patients (eg. MD, DC, PT, ATC, DO, RN, Massage Therapist, CA PTA, PA, etc.)
  • Must be TPI Level 1 Certified and Medical 2 Certified
  • Must successfully pass the Medical 3 examination

Note: Individuals who do not meet the Medical 3 Certification requirements may still complete Medical 3 and will receive a Medical 3 "Minor" designation in their Expert Profile upon successfully passing the Medical 3 examination.

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