Irena Basnikova

Irena Basnikova

Irena Basnikova

Born in Russia and residing in Naples, Florida, I am a Fitness and Wellness Professional where I work with many golfers. Your body ultimately determines distance, accuracy and consistency, and power in your golf game. As a Certified StrongPosture™ Exercise Professional, I help my clients restore their pelvis mobility and strengthen core muscles, which is important for their golf game and maintaining a strong posture for life. Also, I have been working with the Myokinesthetic System™, which compliments the StrongPosture™ system. The Myokinesthetic System™ (Myo=Muscle Kinesthetic=Movement) is a muscle movement technique that corrects and balances the nervous system. It alleviates and eliminates pain, restores range of motion and improves posture. It works with the soft-tissue muscular system to change the nervous system to remedy the problem by treating all the muscles along one nerve pathway. MPS Therapy (Micro-current Point Stimulation) provides golfers the ability to increase their range of motion, improve circulation, sleep patterns, and relax muscles, as well scar release therapy. To further benefit your golf game I am also certified in Pilates, Active Isolated Stretching, Cranial Release Technique (speeds healing and assists recovery), Licensed Massage Therapist and Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner. If you are looking to take your golf game to the next level, contact me TODAY, or go to my website at NAPLESFITNESSWELLNESS.COM

Professions: Active Isolated Stretching Fitness Professional Medical Professional
Credentials: NFPT Pilates Certified NESTA LMT Certified Posture Exercise Professional Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practioner

TPI Certifications

TPI Certified Level 1

Fitness Level 3

Medical Level 2


How to find me:

Location: Wyndemere Country Club
Address: 700 Wyndemere Way, Naples, Florida 34105, United States

Location: Pelican Bay
Address: 8960 Hammock Oak Drive, Naples, Florida 34108, United States

Location: Body Crafters, Inc.
Address: 3940 Prospect Ave #103 , Naples, FL 34104, United States

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