Jason Jenkins

Jason Jenkins

Jason Jenkins

Jason is a Fitness Level III professional through the Titleist Performance Institute and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA. Jason has experience in assessing a player's ability to move as it relates to the individual and their unique swing style. Through a detailed consultation process Jason is able to detect specific swing characteristics each player possesses and is experienced in developing individualized fitness programs to address a player's current capabilities.

In addition Jason specializes in developing and maximizing both movement, strength and power to enable greater distance and control off the ball through his tailored program approach. As a result the player can expect to benefit from improved ball striking and shot making.

Jason is a Golf Performance Coach at Golf & Body NYC and a Precision Nutrition Level II Coach. He is the owner and operator at GolfDrivePro where he serves as a Health and Performance Coach to maximize players in their ability to safely and effectively excel in the game of golf.

Professions: Fitness Professional
Credentials: CSCS

TPI Certifications

TPI Certified Level 1

Fitness Level 3


How to find me:

Phone: 646.856.3627
Address: 883 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10001, United States

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