A Cure for the 'Kneesles'

Mon Nov 11, 2013 by Dr. Greg Rose

Excessive motion in the lower body (especially from the knees) can cause inconsistency in ball striking and a loss of power.  Advisory Board member Roger Fredericks demonstrates a stretch to help improve your set-up posture, which in-turn helps stabilize your lower body. 

  • Robert Pano

    A simple way to think when doing this stretch is "Hinge at the Hips". Poor ability to rotate pelvis forward will make things quite difficult in trying to do this stretch without rounding off the back.

  • Anonymous User

    Just what I needed (Kneed) guys the kneesels are killing my swing, This little beauty should help sort me out. Thanks :-)

  • Ted Bonham

    The Kneesels can be caused by a lack of the correct motion of the golf swing including sequencing, however considering the physical limitation Roger's lower body stretch is a common one we use. It truly works and allows more stability in the lower body. One big key as Roger mentioned is to keep the Thoracic region from rounding. Students will feel more of a restriction. Great stretch.

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