Compression clothing for Golf

Sun Jan 20, 2013 by Dave Phillips

Compression clothing is becoming a hot item in the golf industry and there are scientific studies that are backing up the claims of better performance. The benefits of compression clothing have been studied and utilized in many track and field sports and research has shown that it can actually increase blood flow as well as enhance proprioception and muscle coordination.

American scientists investigated the effect of compression shorts on power production during maximal effort vertical jumps in volleyball as well as basketball. The investigators suggested that using the compression shorts increased the athletes’ ability to resist fatigue in the muscle.  This could be very beneficial during golf due to the repetitive motion of swinging a club and the muscle fatigue that occurs during the round.

Due to the tight fitting nature of these garments and the fabric that they are made of, they still have the added benefit of being non-restrictive and allowing full range of motion. Not only can they help your mobility during the golf swing, in warmer climates they also help transfer sweat from the skin to the fabric much faster, as a result athletes often feel cooler during exercise and perceive the activity as being less difficult.

Too often modern athletic clothing is worn simply as a fashion garment. However, for those individuals involved in intense and/or competitive activity, the studies conducted in America, New Zealand and Australia would suggest that compression clothing might provide both a performance and a recovery aid. The mechanisms that mediate any performance gains appear to be related to a considerable number of variables including enhanced proprioception, reduced muscle oscillation, enhanced lactate removal and/or psychological factors.

A company by the name of 2XU from Australia has a golf specific garment that has been engineered using sports science and biomechanic principles. The Golf Compression shirt targets key areas of your body to enhance proprioceptive feel, promote greater postural awareness for improved dynamic posture, reduce injury and improve movement patterns. We are already seeing more professional golfers use garments like this during cool conditions but as the fabrics and designs get better we may see them all year round to help enhance a players performance. 



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  • Anonymous User

    I am going to make a bold prediction: compression clothing and garments will be worn by many top PGA tour players in just a few years. I played competitive golf growing up, varsity golf in college and still play about a 2 handicap (I have two small kids ). I have been wearing running, compression socks and compression arm sleeves while playing golf for little over 6 months now. The benefits and results I have observed are tremendous. By the way, I walk the course whenever possible… How do compression socks help in golf? Well, in golf you spend typically over 4 hours standing up and walking or maybe even longer times if you take into account the warm up routine as well. Standing for prolonged periods of time is one of the many causes of foot, leg and ankle swelling. Compression stockings can be very helpful in controlling swelling when worn properly. I have worn these socks ( while playing or training for hours and I stopped having sore feet and legs. It also helps that the Lurbel trail running socks are built with cushioning and padding in the areas of the foot that receive the most friction. You would be surprised how much pressure and friction is experienced by the foot during a golf swing. Obviously the socks must be combined with a comfortable pair of golf shoes and, unless you want to be known as the “golfing clown”, I recommend you stay away from shorts and use pants while wearing these knee high socks… The compression arm sleeves have helped me tremendously as well ( In golf it takes a few minutes of walking between shots, unfortunately sometimes you may have to even have to stay idle in between shots if the golf course’s pace of play is slow (I am a big advocate of the “while we are young” USGA campaign by the way). Regrettably when you stay inactive your muscles will cool down or may become tight. Controlled compression garments improve your blood circulation; hence your muscles receive more oxygen and remain warmer using less energy. I personally like the way the arm sleeves feel as well and the protection they offer from UV radiation from the sun. Lastly, about the compression shirt, I honestly think the term is being used incorrectly by many companies. They must really mean ergonomic or tight fit rather than compression. Compression MUST be accurately measured and applied to the right body part, and typically that would be the extremities (arms and legs). I would be skeptical about companies that are trying to compress your torso with a shirt…. Wishing you a 2014 full of long and straight drives!!! Luis Cardenas Owner Go Imports, LLC Exclusive distributor for Lurbel in the USA

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