Hamstring Flexibility - Test and Stretch

Wed Oct 23, 2013 by Dr. Greg Rose

Hamstring length can effect everything from set-up posture, to lower body stability, to power generation in the golf swing.  Advisory Board member Roger Fredericks demonstrates a stretch to help improve your hamstring flexibility.  He also demonstrates a quick test to see if your hamstring flexibilty is in need of improvement.

  • Demery Windom

    Great demonstration and information but, if a person is having trouble touching the ground while preforming this test is the debilitating factor truly hamstring tightness or lack of mobility in the hip?

  • barry triestman

    Sorry Thought Was signed in before I made the comment below

  • Anonymous User

    I think that the awareness of the positioning of spine when bending forward need to worked on first. Most people that I see that are tight need to first work on this then go to getting more flexibility in the hamstrings. Generally we need to do this in a non weight bearing position (lying on the back), then try this from the TPI exercise library and then move to full weight bearing ( standing with a golf club behind our back being held there by one hand in the small of the back and the other behind our head. then hinge at the hip( see the following video for postioning)) , and then move to this video when ready. Generally to find out if there is Neurol tension too look at the difference between the Toe touch test and the passive straight leg raise will tell you if you are dealing with a mobility or stability problem ( this is taught in the TPI medical level 2 or the Selective Functional Movement Assessment screening class. Then the difference between Straight leg raise with ankle dorsiflexed(toes towards head) and plantar flexed( toes pointed) and add neck flexion to see how all that effects symptoms and the amount of hip flexion during the straight leg raise. After you have done that I would look at the symptoms, to. Nerve like symptoms i.e. shooting electric like or joint and muscle(I fell stuck) Hope this makes sense. You could also read this as a starter.

  • Jonathan Hutcherson

    Good stuff. I remember this from a Yoga for Golfers class.

  • Bruce Rotte

    It would be nice to be able to print a hard copy of this stretch as an option. Bruce

  • Cynthia King

    Glad I logged on this morning...this is a must for me to use today on my golfer client!

  • Timothy Cummings

    Would love to see a discussion of how to discern hamstring "tightness" vs. lower extremity neural tension. I often find that my clients who can't pass the Toe Touch test have more neural tension than they do true hamstring mobility limits. Knowing the difference is critical if you're going to resolve either issue.

  • Anonymous User

    Also a wonderful calf stretch if you keep the trailing heel planted

  • Anonymous User

    That's a yoga pose- Parsvottanasana.

  • Anonymous User

    Exactly what i`ll need to practice stretching hamstring. to help stability and above all POWER in my golf swing

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