Developing Balance in Junior Golfers

Thu Nov 8, 2012 by Dr. Greg Rose

Balance is critical for optimal performance on the golf course.  We now know balance can start being developed when we are really young.  Literally under the age of 8.  We like to set up activities in our junior golf schools for kids to perform that encourage balance development.  These activities include:

  • Obstacle courses (see above video)
  • Balance beam walking
  • Single leg throwing and catching
  • Hopping and Bounding
  • Stability ball and Airex pad exercises

By allowing the kids to participate in fun games that challenge their balance, they are developing critical skills for their golf game and having a blast at the same time.



  • Anonymous User

    This is Great!! Does anyone know where you can buy those balance beams?

  • Anonymous User

    Its great that golf is embracing the fundamental concepts of learning to play sport. Balance is of course fundamental to any sport. Even playing football, hockey, 'tag' in the street with friends will help children understand how to manage their balance when moving, when experiencing 'off balance' and will learn through kinaesthetic awareness how to correct/change their centre of gravity. A balance circuit is fun but my question would be could this be achieved by playing games other than skill based circuits?

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