Key to Long Drive Power

Tue Nov 26, 2013 by Dr. Greg Rose

Have you ever wondered how a long drive competitor's swing differs from that of a touring professional and what makes them generate so much power and speed? I recently sat down with the Golf Channel and discussed the key attributes of a long drive competitor's swing as well as TPI's testing protocol to determine a players power potential. 


  • Anonymous User

    The half part of the solution in golf for the average player, and probably 80% for the confirmed player

  • Kevin Boothe

    When testing for power with the medicine ball, what weight is the ball?

  • Jie Zhang

    The ball weight is 1/20 form body weight

  • Anonymous User

    Long is wrong...Hit it like Zach Johnson...

  • Anonymous User

    Great story Greg. If I'm not mistaken, it looks like Carl Wolter has a double reverse overlap grip (with 2 fingers of his right hand over his left) Is that right?

  • Anonymous User

    T'as vu les trois exercices qui permettent de vérifier les aptitudes pour une bonne vitesse de club.... intéressant

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