Key to Long Drive Power

Tue Nov 26, 2013 by Dr. Greg Rose

Have you ever wondered how a long drive competitor's swing differs from that of a touring professional and what makes them generate so much power and speed? I recently sat down with the Golf Channel and discussed the key attributes of a long drive competitor's swing as well as TPI's testing protocol to determine a players power potential. 


  • Anonymous User

    Ooops. Should have removed that Callaway promo.

  • Kyoung nam Min


  • Anonymous User

    Great video!!

  • Anonymous User

    Great video.. I instruct Golf fitness as well as being able to back up my work (130mph+ club head speed with stock x flex driver).. if anyone is in London, UK and wants to learn how to hit it further and become a better ball striker, feel free to get in touch.

  • Anonymous User

    This article should come with a WARNING: DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! The training recommendations are terrific, but the lower body movements shown in the piece are a recipe for disaster for most amateur golfers.

  • Anonymous User

    Answer to the medball question @

  • Anonymous User

    what is the weight of the MB????

  • Titleist Performance Institute

    For our global test we use a 4 Kilo ball and for the local test we use 1 lb for each 20 lbs of body weight.

  • Andreas Lohmar

    Again, it proofs that there is more than one way to hit a golf ball but the fundamentals stay the same; the proper kinetic sequence on "steroids"

  • Cranston Cederlind

    I , also , would like to know the weight on the medicine ball used in the throws. thanks

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