Key to Long Drive Power

Tue Nov 26, 2013 by Dr. Greg Rose

Have you ever wondered how a long drive competitor's swing differs from that of a touring professional and what makes them generate so much power and speed? I recently sat down with the Golf Channel and discussed the key attributes of a long drive competitor's swing as well as TPI's testing protocol to determine a players power potential. 


  • Frank Conijn

    Also, the outcome values of the 3 tests, were they absolute values or values relative to the body length? Because isn't it true that there is a meaningful correlation between body length and club head speed?

  • Frank Conijn

    Do the 3 tests predict ball speed or potential ball speed? The comments by Greg and the voice-over differ on that point, and it is a very important point, I'd think.

  • paul ward

    What would be PGA tour average for those 3 tests?

  • T.C. Farrar

    Does anyone know the weight of the medicine ball used?

  • Anonymous User

    As a college javelin coach I had always known that there was a strong correlation between hip separation from the upper body and rotational hip turns forward to a long drive. Seeing Dr. Rose put it into golf terms was great to see. I do also think that another key point from the javelin throw to bring up is the "delay" of the javelin from the back of the throw to the front, creating those incredible arm speeds and in this case, club speed

  • Steven Mark Hewitt

    Awesome!! Thanks

  • Parker Andrews

    I can understand why med ball situp and vertical jump are inidicative of club head speed, but i'm surprised by seated chest pass. This suggests that the triceps, pectorals and anterior deltoids play a larger roll than commonly thought. Could TPI expand on this?

  • Zach Vahldick

    "....triceps, pectorals and anterior deltoids play a larger roll than commonly thought." Those muscles are fixed to something, ie the thorax, scapula, and core. If the test was done seated, with the back fixed against a chair, it would not be as indicative of explosive power generation in the core.

  • Anonymous User

    Great, now I have something to do on the driving range, see you later....

  • Anonymous User

    Love the Slow Motion Video

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