Finding Clothes, I mean, Clubs that fit your Body.

For many of us, trying to maintain a consistent combination of proper diet and exercise is an everyday part of life. When things are going well, there is little better feeling than being able to purchase new clothes that properly fit your improved physique. Obviously, these new and shapely bodies deserve the right outfit to show off in.  In a similar regard the same should hold true with an improving golf game.  Many of us have either spent time or are in the process of spending time in the gym to improve various swing attributes.   However, if you don't have the clubs that fit the swing delivered by your new body you're likely not maximizing the product of your efforts.   It’s highly doubtful someone is willing to lose 20 pounds and would still try to wear their old pants around town.  In turn, why would someone specifically tune their body to improve their golf swing but not have the proper equipment in hand to enhance their results?

Let's take some time to apply this scenario specifically to one's golf game.  Let’s imagine that an individual goes through a golf specific physical evaluation.  Throughout this process they find they have weak glutes and a weak core, each of which need to be improved through physical training.   This player will also learn that these two areas of the body are the primary building blocks for a solid swing foundation.  Ultimately, this player will understand that these muscular inhibitions have been the main contributor toward his loss of posture during the golf swing and the reason behind his inconsistent ball striking.

Let's consider then that his clubs are likely longer than standard with upright lie angles to accommodate his current poor posture.  Take a second to imagine this player –or any player- at an ideal impact position. (You know that ideal position, the one you see in slow motion on television as the turf begins to fly)  Now, imagine our fictional player in his impact position if he straightened his body up by 2 inches.  If his head moved up 2 inches, then the torso would have to move up, this in turn moves the arms, the hands and finally the golf club.   Without using long golf clubs he would miss every time right?  If he didn't whiff he'd have to manufacturer something in his golf swing to ensure he'd make contact with the ball. Making adjustments “on the fly” is not healthy for any golf game.

Consider a different scenario.  Let’s say our player knew he came out of his posture but still manufactured a swing that hit the ball pretty fairly solid.  He's been working on his core and glutes in the gym and begins to make a swing that doesn't result in a loss of posture.  If he were to use those same long clubs they would begin to pose a problem.   If those long clubs worked when he straightened his posture by 2 inches how would they work when he maintained his posture?  We’d now run the risk of having impact occur with the turf behind the ball making for fat or heavy golf shots.   These improperly fit clubs could also cause a player who now stays in his posture to begin standing too far back from the ball.  Standing farther away will cause the toe of the golf club to rise making shots miss to the left.   Maybe this player begins to see that the heel of the golf club increasingly catches the turf causing the face to close prematurely promoting hooks.  All of these things will begin to compound until you're feel as though you're right back where you started, searching for a better golf swing.   All of these aforementioned scenarios are only to be used as examples.   There could be a variety of limitations in the body, all of which may produce a different result. What we are all looking for is a consistent result.  

It's important to develop your body properly and equally important to have the equipment that matches your specific swing attributes.  When you combine your physically sound golf swing with properly fit golf clubs you will see efficiency and accuracy more consistently.   Now get out there and show off that new swing, but before you do, make sure your clubs fit.


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