How FootJoy and BodiTrak Match Your Shoes to Your Swing

In 2012, Dave Phillips posted an article on about the importance of finding footwear that fit your body and your swing (not just your foot) properly.  Our shoes, afterall, are our connection with the ground which is where power starts in the swing.  Poorly fit shoes can cause inefficiencies resulting in loss of power and consistency. With so many styles (mobile, structured, athletic, etc) to choose from, the need for golfers to seek professional consultation when choosing a shoe has never been greater.  Enter the FootJoy Performance Fitting System powered by BodiTrak.

FootJoy and BodiTrak partnered with renowned sports biomechanist Dr. Sasho MacKenzie who sought to answer whether or not different types of footwear had an impact on performance. The answer was yes, and to a meaningful degree.  A comprehensive study by Dr. MacKenzie found that many golfers saw averages of 3MPH of club head speed gain simply by switching shoes.  That equates to roughly 10 yards off the tee.

In terms of footwear, FootJoy and BodiTrak found that there are three golfer ‘populations’:

  • Mobile responders, who saw improved performance with mobile footwear (FJ MProject)
  • Structured responders, who experienced improved performance with structured footwear (FJ XPS)
  • Dual responders, who performed equally well in both footwear types.

As Dave discusses at 3:30 in the video above, a huge reason that poorly fit footwear can be so damaging to performance is that it can upset the alternating pattern of mobile and stable joints.  This is a concept that was created by TPI Advisory Board members Gray Cook and Michael Boyle.  Watch the video above for a complete explanation of how this can increase the potential for injury and negatively influence performance.

The FootJoy PFS uses an algorithm developed by Dr. MacKenzie that matches your shoe to your swing by determining whether or not you are a mobile, stable or dual Performance Fit.

In simple terms, FootJoy and BodiTrak built a tool that fits footwear to your golf swing, not just your feet. While revolutionary in the industry, it is really a natural progression from club fitting and it proves the point: footwear needs to be seen as equipment.

Elite level athletes don't buy a shoe based on the way it looks, they all get it fitted properly for optimal performance in their sport, why don't you?

Dave Phillips

To learn more about the FootJoy Performance Fitting System check out the TV spot below.  The system will be rolled out in July of 2016. 



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