Tools you’ll love to use.

The TPI Prosite is the easiest way to manage your clients.

Group Membership: Every account is a group membership

Group Accounts

Achieve Optimal Organization: Pro Members can now add additional staff or employees underneath a master account, each with their own username and password.

Expanded Video Libary: Exclusive video content available to ProSite members.

Expanded Video Libary

The new video library has over 600 drills and exercises for fitness, health, juniors, biomechanics and golf instruction. Pro Members will now have access to over 2,500 videos on fitness, golf swing technique, junior golf, practice routines and even medical rehabilitation exercises. More videos are being filmed every day!

Manage Clients

Manage Clients

New screens and workouts listings: Screens and workouts that have been built for a client are listed, dated and saved forever. Now you can quickly go back in time and track progress.

New Notes area: Type in session notes each time you see a client. Notes are dated and listed, in order, under the Notes tab for each client.

New client picture: Upload a picture of each client for quick reference.

Screen Clients

Assessment screens match the screens taught in our Certification classes. Everyone has access to the Level One and Big Twelve Screens and soon TPI Certified Medical experts will have access to the SFMA advanced screen while TPI Certified Junior coaches will have access to the Junior Hat and Bracelet Screens.

Screen Clients

Create Programs

Create Programs

Build a workout from scratch - Even without a screen. Just hit the build from scratch button, select the exercises or drills you want and you’re done!

New Workout Duration Clock – As exercises and drills are added to a client program, the automatic workout duration clock will update and show how long the complete program will take to perform.

TPI ProSite Pricing Plan


Perfect if you’re looking to add less than 50 clients / month. Sign up and begin entering your clients today!

  • 50 New Clients Per Month
  • Unlimited Screens Per Client
  • Unlimited Workouts Per Client
  • Unlimited Group Members

$75.00 Per Month

Need To Add More New Clients?


You are eligible for 50 new clients each month with the Standard Plan. A charge of $1 will be issued for each additional client.


Per Client

Still Not Enough Clients?


If you are a facility or intend to enter large groups, give us a call for alternative payment options!

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