Ep.05 - Seniors

In this episode we are joined by PGA professional Quinn Griffing about senior mobility.  Dave and Greg will run through a serious of drills and exercises that can improve mobility for seniors various different ways.

  • Rich

    I have lost some club head speed My instructor wants me get my right heel off the ground at impact, and get 80 % of weight into left side as I swing out and around . I feel my left foot spinning s little after impact and getting good extension, Your comments appreciated Rich

  • Rich

    I notice soreness in my back hip after hitting balls the day before I'm in my5 th week is training, I thought the soreness woud gone What do you think?

  • Sean Saunders

    Majority of my clients are men in this stage of life. I'm finding that mobility & balance are the keys to their success! I love the swing drills to improve speed and morning exercise routine hitting all the key muscles & joints. Thanks for being a resource!

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