Ep.08 - Power

In this episode we are joined by 2012 RE/MAX Long Drive Champion Ryan Winther and were talking all about power.  Dave and Greg will go through a series of tests you can do at home to see how much potential power you can create.

  • Bill Broglie

    How often is the arm training ex's performed ? It was stated in 2 weeks time there should be a improvement. Just wondering what frequency per week exercises are performed to give proper rest. Thanks.

  • John

    I would like to make one of the weighted "clubs" as shown near the end of the show. Can you please provide the recommended length and weight for such a club? Thanks.

  • Anonymous User

    Just watched this episode and it was great. The only thing I'd suggest is that TPI should look into a training coach with a SFG or RKC certification to properly coach the kettlebell swing.

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