Behind the Scenes - Lower Back

Behind the scenes of the Titleist Performance Institute as seen on The Golf Channel.

  • Kevin Jenkins DC

    Thank you! I am using this on as many patients as I can.

  • Anonymous User

    Hi it's theo

  • Cristopher Palanca

    Hi, Cris here, powercoach from the Philippines. When you refer to the glutes as being the "king" of the golf swing, are they engaged throughout the swing as a stabilizing muscle group or are the right and left glutes working separately? For example in the backswing (for a right handed player), right glute contracts and engages then in transition to the through swing the left glute works. Or are they simultaneously all of the above? I have seen Jason Glass talking about pelvic rotation and tilt as a movement through the ball and it also feels that the glutes have to work. Is there a point in the swing where they are relaxed? Thanks!

  • Anonymous User


  • Anonymous User

    Love the new format of the show and the information you guys share. You are truly helping to make golfers better players and happier people every day. Thanks for what you do!!

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