Behind the Scenes - Performance

Behind the scenes of the Titleist Performance Institute as seen on The Golf Channel.



  • Anonymous User

    I am trying to find this season's episode of tips. There was a great section on glute bridges. Can't seem to find a replay anywhere. Is it possible to have it loaded as a short video clip on it's own? Or even better have the whole episode available? There were many great stretches and tips that I thought were useful.


    Dr Rose, Thanks for the shoulder problem check and follow-up exercise. Very useful for me as I currently have a sensitive left rotator cuff.

  • Kevin Boothe

    Good quality information. As an avid golfer and Physical Therapist, I use the exercises as a warm up each day, prior to a round, and my patients benefit greatly from them as well.

  • Anonymous User

    Great show and I try to never mis it. I'm a short haul truck driver and your show and exercises have change my golf game and my life. Thanks a million !!!!

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