TPI’s Fitness 2 online class teaches the skills needed to run an effective golf-specific training program. This class picks up where the Level 1 physical assessment leaves off and introduces the TPI fitness evaluation. By adding screens for strength, power and cardiovascular fitness, a complete picture of the player’s level of fitness is ascertained. After proper assessment, effective training programs are developed to support the findings, first through the base foundation of mobility and stability, and then through proper strength and power progressions.




Screening for Fitness

Learn how to properly screen golfers for strength, power, agility and endurance as well as the principles and applications of SIT & CV for golf.

Mobility Progressions

Dr. Greg Rose instructs on how to increase a player’s mobility safely and effectively. Dr. Rose discusses The Three R’s (Reset, Reinforce & Reload), Joint Mobility Dysfunction vs. Tissue Extensibility Dysfunction along with TED exercise protocols.

Functional Exercise Progressions

Dr. Rose teaches the 4X4 Matrix along with detailed progressions for Lower Quarter Rotation, T-Spine Rotation, Hip Hinge and Pelvic Tilt, Shoulder Girdle Stability, Single Leg Stance and Deep Squat Stability.

Group Functional Training

Legendary strength coach and author, Dr. Tom House, introduces you to Foundation Fitness for the core and upper & lower body.

Strength Progressions

Lance Gill and Jason Glass take you through TPI strength progressions including Push Strength, Pull Strength, Hip Hinge Strength, Rotary Strength and Squat Strength.

Power Matrix

Learn the four sources of power, the keys to successful power training and the 4X4 Matrix for power. Learn power matrixes including vertical jump power, rotary power, chop power and wrist release power.

Introduction to Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting Coach Robert Yang takes you through how to train golfers using Olympic lifting techniques. Robert explains gender differences, junior training, intensity, sequencing as well as teaching the exercises that form the foundation of Olympic lifting.

Training the Female Golfer and Periodization

Janet Alexander will teach you how to appropriately train female golfers and addresses topics including hypermobility, Q-Angle, quad dominance, menstrual cycle considerations and acute exercise variables. Learn about periodization and golf adaptations along with sample programs for your players.

Golf Nutrition

Nutritionist Robert Yang teaches you about hydration and proper nutrition for golf. Topics will include blood sugar control, supplementation, proteins/fats/carbohydrates along with nutritional guidelines for pre-round, in-round and post-round recovery.

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  • Must be Credentialed/Licensed to perform personal training (eg. AAPT, ACE, ACSM, AFAA, AFPA, ATC, CHEK, CSCS, Cooper, Exercise Science Degree, IFPA, ISSA, NASM, NCSF, NESTA, NETA, NFPT, NPTI, NSCA, USCI, YOGA, etc.)
  • Must be TPI Level 1 Certified
  • Must successfully pass the Fitness 2 examination

Note: Individuals who are not Credentialed/Licensed to perform personal training may still complete Fitness 2 and will receive a Fitness 2 "Minor" designation in their Expert Profile upon successfully passing the Fitness 2 examination.



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