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A few weeks ago Brooks Koepka visited the Titleist Performance Institute with Men's Health Magazine to promote FootJoy's new Hyperflex shoe.   In the video, Koepka and Dr. Greg Rose discuss the importance of proper footwear in golf and show you a few of the exercises which power Brooks' prodigious, TOUR-leading drives.

It's a great example of how the right equipment, technology and proper training (in the gym and on the range) is a recipe for success in professional golf.  

In many ways, Koepka typifies the youth movement on the PGA TOUR: hyper-athletic gym-rats who've grooved technically sound swings and bomb it 300 yards with ease.   Furthermore, Koepka is a posterchild for TPI in terms of how he was brought into the sport and the team of coaches and advisors he works with today.  

Koepka was a multi-sport athlete prior to high school, excelling in hockey and baseball.  When he was 11, Koepka was in a serious car accident and had to undergo facial reconstructive surgery.  His doctor recommended he take a break from contact sports for at least a year so Koepka took up golf.  Koepka had never been a serious golfer, but thanks in part to the stability, rotational power and overall athleticism he'd gained in hockey and baseball, the learning curve was steep.  He's one of the many examples of how developing an athlete first and specializing late raises the ceiling of a golfer.  While TPI certainly didn't invent the concept of late-specialization, we've done our best to be one of the loudest evangelists of the idea

Koepka is also an example of the benefits of working with a cohesive team that is able to communicate across all areas of his development, including in the gym and on the course.  He works with TPI Certified instructor Claude Harmon III on his swing and golf fitness specialist David Donatucci in the gym (UPDATE: As of January 2017, Brooks began working with Joey Diovisalvi of Joey D Golf).  David and Claude are both members of the TPI Advisory Board and two of the best at what they do.  More importantly, they act as a team.  Claude's goals for Brooks' swing are coordinated with David's work in the gym.  In some ways, they are the embodiment of the Body-Swing Connection™.

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