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August 27th, 2020 (Thursday) 10:00 AM PST

* This webinar is open to all Active TPI Certified members of any Certification level and will discuss subjects across any of the TPI Certification courses. Register today and submit a question in advance.

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Webinar |August 27th, 2020

Putting distance control, grip strength, periodization training, fun games for juniors, restoring mobility to immobile areas, early sports specialization, can the hips move too fast, the best flow for utilizing multiple screens (Lv1, Med 2, Power 2), minimum age for power testing, general theory of ground force, left-sided back pain, optimal driver length for body dimensions, favorite drills for lead leg drive…

Webinar |July 28th, 2020

Training “Diesel Engine Players,” overload vs overspeed training, weight shift and early extension, hip deceleration at impact, marketing to golfers, open and closed clubfaces correlation to body position, soft lead elbow, training with medicine balls using golf swing movements, COVID-19 and coaching, activating glutes, centripetal vs centrifugal forces, reverse grip swings, working around thoracic limitation…

Webinar | June 24th, 2020

Coaching tour players, circuit training, seminars at new facilities, drills to shallow your swing, vertical jump vs. broad jump, practicing post-round, getting juniors back on course after time off, generating speed: Rory McIlroy vs. Bryson DeChambeau, opposite side strength, drills and exercises for balance/weight transfer, body weight circuit for seniors, how to improve reading 3D kinematic sequence graphs…

Webinar | May 26th, 2020

COVID-19 and the future of coaching, increasing rotational speed, best exercises to improve kinematic sequences, remote working with clients/teams, golf fitness training to improve putting, breath-hold test from Medical 3, regaining distance for senior golfers, coffee for wellness, drills for a player who blocks right or hooks left, lower back pain, hyper-mobile golfers, Crossfit for golf, 3D analysis and juniors

Webinar | May 7th, 2020

Special guests: *DAN HELLMAN* and *JASON ZUBACK*, lead grip vs. trail grip strength, prioritizing multiple Big 12 characteristics, correcting Reverse Spine Angle and Early Extension, drills for initiating the downswing, most common Big 12 characteristics, bending the lead arm in the backswing, COVID-19 and how it affects our industry, marketing your services, assistance for new Certified Pros…

Webinar | February 13th, 2020

Nutrition, running a seminar highlighting TPI, BMI and disc issues, creating SPACE in your swing, approach to reading graphs, new technologies connecting swing and fitness dynamics, improving pelvic tilt and rotation, choosing between fitness and golf tracks, one tip you wish you could give yourself starting out, biggest fitness gaps between collegiate golfers and professionals, speaker school details, marketing for Medical 3 pros, TPI client demographics, highlights of Power 2, tips to swing faster, teaching to improve attack angle and spin loft with driver, neuroscience training, how to correct “earthquake” (perturbations) in pelvic tilt, advice on reading kinematic sequences, junior app update, manual/exercise strategies for positive FABER tests, tips for group training with large group of onscreen golfers, drawing angles for swing paths, training hypermobile juniors, starting with a client that fails all screens, benefits of advanced certification for Fitness and Power tracks, advantage of stretching post-round, key areas of focus for power development, specific muscle areas to train for speed and rotational power, screens a senior golfer should pass before overspeed training, other preferred exercise science philosophies, recommended duration for TPI Lv1 assessment, best advice for slow swing speed players to help increase distance, favorite rotational power exercises, correlation of clubhead speed to vertical jump

Webinar | November 18th, 2019

Screening clients with severe limitations, building corrective exercise plans, lower quarter rotation test in depth, plantar fasciitis, marketing advice for new business leads, working with senior golfers, multi-segmental rotation (SFMA) and hip mobility issues, good overhead deep squat and early extension, deeper dives into Level 2 content, physiological differences between male vs. female golfers, passing the SFMA before strength training, lower crossed syndrome, foot insoles for golfers, 90/90 test and DB snatches, offseason programming for junior golfers, valgus vs. varus knees and the golf swing, junior injuries, junior speed training, causes of neck pain, "power" grip vs. strong grip, putting and Looper Characteristic, how release angles affect ball flight, correctives for single leg balance issues, favorite junior golf games, thoracic extension plateau, how much should I charge for advanced screening, RNT training for early extension, stretching, technology for hospital-based golf injury treatment, retaining clients, physicians and the teamp approach, 4x4 Matrix for SFMA, tendinitis in the legs, correctives for ASLR and toe touch, eye suppression, toe touch progressions having L5/S1 disc lesions, central nervous system response training.

Fitness | July 16th, 2019

Applying 4x4 Matrix for Hip Mobility, thoughts on SuperSpeed Speedsticks, right time for loading juniors for fitness, golf specific exercises vs general strength and conditioning, tpi staff bags, how long should a fitness screen take, pelvic tilt and loss of posture, app update, assessing growth rate for physical development, rehab for ruptured Achilles, lower crossed syndrome, launch monitor recommendations, which leg is more important on downswing

Medical | July 16th, 2019

App for goniometer measurements, benefits of cupping for TED, ideal weight transfer during the swing, is SuperSpeed training inappropriate for certain swing characteristics, mid-season mobility imbalances, addressing asymmetry in the (FMS) y-balance test, favorite SFMA MSR (multi-segmental rotation) corrective exercises, favorite exercises to improve hip internal rotation mobility, taking multiple Level 3s in the same year

Level 1 | July 15th, 2019

Solving shoulder external rotation limitations, marketing for chiropractors, pelvis orientation and the hip hinge test, marketing TPI at private clubs, video analysis for medical pros, swing characteristics for limited external hip rotation, the ROI (return on investment) of TPI, the myth of exercising in golf posture, 4x4 Matrix overview from Fitness 2, advice for starting a SuperSpeed/swing speed class as a physical therapist/medical

Golf | July 15th, 2019

International Golf 2s, steeps and shallows for pitching, drills to improve kinematic sequence, screening for spine extension, how center of gravity affects golf clubs, increasing launch angle without reducing wrist flexion, Golf Level 3 overview, golf biomechanics

Junior | July 15th, 2019

Scoring Junior power tests, Junior 3 overview vs Junior 2, juniors with leg power

Junior | April 24th, 2019

TPI Junior golfers vs. typical junior golfers, new motion patterns vs modifying old, junior club control drills, busy schedules and motivation, "real vs. feel" motor patterns, juniors and vertical jump, junior tournament pros vs cons, 2nd Best Bunker test, cultural differences and junior golf development, average TPI level relative to age, TPI Pro Site updates, PGA Junior Athletic Development Model

Fitness | April 24th, 2019

Strength and Power matrix progressions, Tommy Fleetwood kyphosis (c-posture) and his swing, exercise PDFs for study aids, MyTPO Pro Site updates, ELDOA Online Class, Traning Seniors, fixing faulty motor patterns, excessive head movement on backswing and downswing, ELDOA Workshops

Medical | April 24th, 2019

Post-surgery return, lumbar flexion dysfunction, foam rolling, fixing reverse spine, QL issues, knee replacement and TPI/SFMA-based rehab, speed vs. strength, marketing advice, sub-scapularis exercises, torque and reverse spine, "crossing the line", scapular "winging", respiration techniques, diaphragmatic breathing for motor control, thoracic mobility exercises, shoe recommendation for feet variations, occipit immobility treatment

Level 1 | April 23rd, 2019

Measuring tools, HIPAA and TPI screens, ELDOA, out-of-state licenses and business, screening mistakes, importance of toe touch, senior mobility, mobility screen priority, Tiger 2019 Masters, travel health, long drive swing vs. normal swing, disassociation on cable machines, warmups for amateurs, TPI Swing Breakdown 5 buckets

Golf | April 23rd, 2019

Lead leg buckle, prioritizing swing fixes, senior mobility, takeaway on the backswing, back problems and modern-day swings, core engagement drills/exercises, limited radial deviation workarounds, live Golf 2 seminar (in Madrid), posterior vs. neutral pelvis for poor hip rotation

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