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Webinar | October 18th, 2022

“When creating and posting content, does volume matter more than the production quality of the content? ”
“What’s the ideal offer for the winter/cold months? ”
“What platform do you use for publishing e-books?”
“What is optimal small group size if there is only one of you?”
“What is the most successful advertisement campaign that you have seen an individual use as a new TPI certified instructor?”
“What is the best way to promote long-term interest in their fitness and maintenance?”
“Which tests do you do for teaser screens?”
“What price range have you billed for just the TPI assessment? I am at country clubs and will only work with members in my case.”
**How to get golf pros to respond to you, how to establish yourself in the market, and then how you create lasting value.**
“How many sessions a day do you do?"(ie; how to fight burnout)
“Frustrated that majority of my local golfers getting hurt are on Medicare which doesn’t help my business. Do you think the trend in PT is going cash pay and not deal with 3rd party payers?”
“How did you go about finding qualified candidates to hire once you got to that point? Where did you go, how did you target candidates?”
"Our hitting net in the back of the range was ruined in a flood. After the flood houses were built in the back. Would switching to limited flight golf balls push away potential and regular customers and do they provide realistic feedback on the golf shot?”
**Finding the confidence to go out on your own.**
“What advice do you have on doing workshops or setting up at golf events for getting in front of golfers?”

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