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Webinar | September 23rd, 2021

“Have players done anything to mentally prepare for a team environment?”
“What are you favorite drills for juniors or beginning golfers to develop a fluid swing when they’re first learning?”
“Should we never allow any right-handed golfer to set up for an exercise with their right hip higher than their left?”
“Could you briefly discuss the role of balance in the golf swing?”
“Drills to help golfers with severely shut club faces and an in-to-out path of 10+?”
“Of all the screens which one gives you the most information?”
“I am currently doing SuperSpeed training three times per week. Is it more optimal to do it before I play a round, or is it more optimal to do it before I go to the gym?”
“Does peak ground force in lead league occur simultaneously with peak pelvic acceleration and peak pelvic velocity?”
“Dave’s takeaways from Ryder Cup? What’s the most challenging hole? Does each player have their team onsite?”
“What’s the most effective intervention for the chronic caster?”
“Is it acceptable and objective to complete the physical screen for out-of-towners virtually?”
“What guidance would you give for small group fitness training? How would you structure a session?”
“Can you utilize complete traditional strength training (ie: 5x5 or 5x3 style training on deadlifts and squats) to benefit overall club head speed and speed in general?”
“Do they use dispersion patterns and Google Earth for each hole to plan their strategies?”
“Does the posterior pelvic tilt occur simultaneously with pelvic deceleration?”
“What are some strategies to help fire the glutes? How long do you wait before progressing to more advanced exercises?”
“What’s the most important thing for teenage golfers: distance, accuracy, or other things?”
“For the best players: What percent body weight do you typically observe at peak vertical force in the lead leg??”
“Do you work with any Australian golfers? Have you considered featuring us TPI coaches and trainers on your social media to gain exposure for us to build our brands and for you to spotlight some coaches doing a great job with your methodologies?”
“What’re your thoughts on the benefits of emphasizing the cross-crawl pattern with Versaclimbers for cardio training?”
“On the downswing, the trail foot slips backwards. What drills do you recommend??”

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