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Junior 2 | April 24th, 2019

“How long would it takes for our juniors to catch up on techniques compare to typical junior golf lesson out there?”
“Please address the concept of teaching a whole new motion pattern versus teaching a modification to an old motion pattern.”
“What are your best activities for juniors to learn that hands make club go up and down rather than low and behind the body?”
“How would you recommend we keep kids going in our TPI methods when they get busy with other sports and cant attend our classes weekly?”
“A common issue I find is when the athlete thinks they are doing a new motor pattern properly, when in fact they are not doing it.”
“My juniors seem to test lower in their jump numbers — is this normal? We do lots of jump stuff during camp.”
“I am 100% certain that this whole thing of golf tournaments and world championships for kids under 10, or 11 is misguided at best!”
“Can you explain “2nd Best” bunker golf screening test? How many shots are played?”
“Do you find different countries have different perceptions of junior golf development and how do you break barriers down surrounding developing an athlete first and teaching them in a fun way?”
“Do you have the average level you have seen kids attain according to their age — i.e.: age 9 girls should be red or red with white. some history you might have seen. different for boys and girls?”
“On the TPI Pro site what changes are you all doing. Any updates on Growmetry? Is the kids eval in the app for FMS?”
“The PGA’s Junior Athletic Development Model - Dave’s Thoughts”

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