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Webinar | November 8th, 2021

“Any swing or physical characteristics to pay attention to when coming back from a partial tear in the trail side oblique?”
“Could you give us more details on the importance of ankle mobility and the body-swing connection in the golf swing?”
“Video analysis software for Macs?”
“Fixes for golfers who pass the 90/90, but on the takeaway they roll the club open (hands up, club inside, laid off)?”
“Are there any rehab exercises for a golfer with recent mesh inguinal hernia repair by laparoscopic method and a timeline about return to golf?”
“Is the action of flattening the back when pelvic tilting in the downswing appropriate in terms of back health??”
“I am a TPI level one thinking about taking level two I am interested in the power assessment and how to judge this assessment?”
“When a golfer is gassing out/experiencing muscle fatigue, is it safe to assume it’s a fuel issue?”
“My local pro claims to be a ‘left sided’ player and as such gym work and TPI screening wouldn’t be much help to him?”
Overview of the new TPI Pro App
“Does the app combine findings from Level 1 Screen and the Fitness/Power screen to create a single exercise routine?”
“When working with a recurring client, how often do you recommend a rescreen?”
“I would like to hear more on forces used on the ground in the back and forth motion and mainly how to apply that with my student?”
“What's the best way to work the mental training for young athletes?”
“If a client fails the squat because of knee problems, which exercise correction should I use?”
“Golf fitness is not something that most golfers in my demographics are familiar with. What strategies can I use to educate?”
“Best program to use at a Private Club? Pricing? Structure? Length?”
“What would cause a right handed golfer to have left side lower back pain, mostly QL?”
“Can footwear make a difference with ground forces? What thoughts do you have??”

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