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Webinar | April 7th, 2022

“How can TPI medical professionals connect and partner with local golf pros?”
“I have taken lessons with a pro in the area and built a good relationship. How do I transition that into a referral source?”
“What is the best way to approach doing screenings at the golf course? Do you recommend this as an effective way to draw golfers into my chiropractic office?”
“What are realistic startup costs?”
“What are some of the price points people are charging throughout the US for reference when creating our own pricing structure?”
“How do you justify price increases and what percentage should they be?”
“How do you explain what you sell and determine your value?”
“I feel awkward with trying to sell services. I’m a PT and it’s hard for me to shift my thinking into selling improved golf performance?”
“How do you structure the transition from a medical package to a golf performance package?”
“I'm the fitness director at a TPC Colorado in our new fitness center which is 1 week old. What are some ideas to get our members involved in the TPI Fitness Program quickly?”

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