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Webinar | February 13th, 2020

“Is TPI considering adding a nutrition element to its profile?”
“If you wanted to do approximately a 45-minute seminar what do you believe is the best outline to highlight TPI's benefits?”
“In the M2 course you mention about lower BMI increasing the risk of disc issues. Do you have references for this please?”
“What is meant by the term "creating space" in your swing? Can it be measured? What are the fitness drills to achieving it?”
“When looking at graphs and what to fix, are you looking from a ground up perspective?”
“What new technologies are there for quantifying golf fitness dynamic with connected swing dynamics?”
“Can you explain best practice when trying to improve pelvic tilt and rotation as a wish mechanic, I'm assuming no limitations.”
“I am not in golf teaching business, but want to get golf level 2 certification. Can I teach in TPI designated locations?”
“How do you choose between Fitness and Golf tracks as they are CLOSELY related and dependent?”
“What's one tip you could go back and tell yourself that would've made a huge impact sooner than later?”
“What is the biggest gap between collegiate golfers and professionals from a physical fitness standpoint?”
“Speaker school? Who should do it/what’s it all about?”
“Any suggestions for marketing for M3 professionals who are not great at public speaking, especially in large groups?”
“What percentage of TPI clients are in the 40-55 age group?”
“Could you highlight some things in your Power Level 2 class? Or highlight one thing that would help somebody swing faster?”
“What drills/work can I do with a student to improve AoA and Spin Loft with driver?”
“Could you talk about a few things in the Neuroscience world about learning and coaching?”
“What are your go-to management strategies to correct the "earthquake" during the pelvic tilt test?”
“Any tips to help folks figure out the Kinematic sequence? Video has helped a bit.”
“Do you have an update on the Junior APP? Will you be adding the Junior Screens to TPI Pro APP?”
“What are some manual and exercise strategies you use to address a positive FABER test?”
“I have to take 18 unscreened golfers through a short group training session. Do you have any tips or suggestions?”
“The TPI Handbook doesn’t have the lines drawn to create the swing path angle. Can we take a moment to go over that?”
“Hyper Mobility in juniors - is stability within the joints more important to build over muscular strength?”
“Rec golfer doesn’t have a lot of time-DNs all SFMA or fails ALL TPI screens. Where do we start? Minimum effect dose?”
“Benefits of L2 & L3 Fitness and Power certs? Do you go into deeper or more clinical assessments in L2 & 3 Certs?”
“At the last Power Seminar and I think you said stretching after a round of golf is best. If so, can you elaborate?”
“What are some of the key areas of focus for power development?”
“What muscles should be strengthened to increase golf swing speed, and can you share best rotational strengthening exercises?”
“Are there specific screens that the senior golfer must be able to perform before they can safely try overspeed training?”
“Besides SFMA exercise focus is there any other exercise science philosophies you utilize regularly in your tool box?”
“What is the recommended duration of time to perform a TPI Lv 1 screen with full assessment and treatment?”
“Could I get a chance to take certification test & get Lv2 certified only if I had Lv2 online course without offline course for 2 days?”
“What's your best advice for slow swing speed players (<70mph) with driver to help them get more distance?”
“What are some of your "go to" exercises for power development (rotational)?”
“The correlation of club head speed to vertical jump is 0.644 whereas chest pass is 0.802. Why is this? Train upper body more?”
TPI Live - FULL WEBINAR - 02/13/20

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