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Webinar | September 6th, 2023

“For ’Out to in‘ swing plane,  What do you think is the most important part of swing correction?”
“How can I help my older students that get too much flexion and moving the head away from target in the backswing?”
“Good drills for promoting correct side-bend with emphasis on the backswing?”
“How can I help a right-handed golfer who has lots of left knee pain?”
“Will Dave be doing an online Golf 2 review before the end of the year?”
“Assuming proper wrist downswing loading…at what moment in the downswing should the wrist/forearm segment turn concentric?”
“Can you explain (left) side bend versus reverse spine angle? How can these coincide and how do you teach that?”
“At what point in the swing does the pressure shift to the lead side?”
“Been doing a lot of 3D capture and I’m noticing lots of golfers that load the trunk and arm segment isometrically. (Arm riding on trunk) What ideas do you have to help with proper trunk/arm sequencing and loading?”
“Favorite golf drill to prevent casting?”
Currently in Fitness Level 2 - Between this and level 1, I have a plethora of exercises/corrections to perform but not sure how to put them all together to create a weight/mobility program for an athlete. Would level 3 help put these together in a program form?
“I will have a training client coming back from double bypass surgery.... Are there any issues that you are aware of that I should avoid?”
“Why is s-posture or excessive anterior pelvic tilt associated with increased risk of back pain? How does this put a golfer at greater risk?”
“Could you explain why the "stack & Tilt" might be dangerous for the lower back?”
“I want to talk about casting vs. sliding and in your opinion does one always cause the other, or can they be separate and distinct?”
“Which of the big 12 are most likely to lead to injury?”
"Struggle with hip turn on backswing, Trying to get lead knee behind ball on backswing, tough with dodgy knees. Result = short backswing. Any thoughts?"
“What are the advantages (disadvantages) of softening the trail knee (or keeping it straight) at the top for speed or pathology?”
“Question about the TPI 3x3 strength matrix with the progressively narrowing stances especially with the push/pull patterns….it seems like if your goal really is to improve push and pull strength (force) the last thing you would do is introduce lower body instability into the exercise. This makes lower extremity balance the limiting factor vs. upper body strength. Any clarification?”
“Can you comment on how anthropometrics impact squatting and how this might affect how we interpret the results of the overhead deep squat test?”
“Have level 1 screen tomorrow on a male with inhibited DF and PF due to GB syndrome. He wears AFO’s (ankle-foot orthoses) while playing. How can I teach him to better support his LE’s for a more efficient swing and improve his stabile/balance?”
“What are some good ways to keep players engaged with their workout plans?”
"How do you talk to golfers who overthink to just do the exercises prescribed and not ALL exercises they have ever learned?"
“How to periodize training for amateurs?”
“In TPI Power 2 you show throwing heavy-to-light, and same with driver. Superspeed Golf goes light-to-heavy. Who’s right?”
“What is the best exercise for early extension?”
“Working on a 6-8 week advanced junior program with golf pros at a country club. Need help with the structure of the fitness program?”
“What is the most effective ways to practice golf, random or block?”
"How much and in what way mentality influences on your game on course?"
“When is the next Summit - are we combining baseball with it this time?”
“How much of the kinematic sequence should you share with clients and when?”
“Do the top pros now store data(video) of their peak performances in order to maximize their peaks and zones?”
“What importance do you assign to breath and swing movement?”
“What are the top three swing faults you see in players over 65?”
“How important to achieve is pelvic dissociation in over 60s?”
“What order do you perform your eval at TPI (2D, 3D, Level 1 screen, power)?”
"How do you alter the screening test if you only have an indoor simulator?"
“How to determine whether it’s hip or knee in a failed squat?”
“Is TPI concerned if a “butt wink” is present during overhead squat test?”
“When dealing with someone with typical lower cross do you focus on strengthening weak areas or relaxing hypertonic areas first?”
“What are the correct measurements or range of motion of the ankle?”
“Where do things stand with legal regarding promotional material, marketing collateral,  logo, etc?”
“(How) should I approach members at my Country club (at the range, etc) for potential business?”
“What exercises do you use to do technical assessment with amateurs, putting, finesse shots etc? Do you use the same tests in junior level 2?”

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