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Webinar | November 18th, 2019

“How does TPI formulate or prioritize a plan of attack with a client that has multiple issues?”
“How do you work with players who have extreme limitations?”
“Best method to help build corrective exercise plans for our clients after initial screen?”
“If I take the fitness certification will it teach me exactly what exercises to do if someone fails one of the screens?”
“Could you explain the Lower Quarter Rotation screen more in depth? I am still trying to grasp that one mentally.”
“I heard you say the #1 cause of limitations in thorax rotation is the oblique abdominals. That being said, What has worked really well for you in the past to address the obliques specifically?”
“How would you typically work around someone who has very little ankle mobility and struggles losing posture through the swing?”
“I would like to know some new stretches/exercises to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis. The old ones aren't working anymore.”
“With plantar fasciitis, do find achilles plays huge part in this fascial tightness.”
“Best marketing advice to attract new business?”
“60 year old player how is currently a 15 handicap and has flexibility issues and wants me to, in his words, strip down his swing. I’m reluctant to do that./Should I primarily focus on his lack of mobility before even touching the swing?”
“Top tier criteria for MS rotation (SFMA) is 50 deg pelvis and 50 deg thorax but the breakout for the hip only requires 30 IR and 40 ER. Couldn’t someone fail the top tier but pass the breakout and still have a hip rotation mobility problem? Does tibial rotation really contribute anything to the top tier move with the knee straight in standing (weight bearing)”
“For a sports medicine physician that just completed his level 1 certification what would you recommend be his next steps to bringing a TPI focused golf medicine program to his pediatric hospital?”
“El paciente en el test hace buena sentadilla profunda pero hace extension temprana, a que se debe? (The patient in the test does a good deep squat but has early extension, what is the reason?)”
“Between men and woman golfers, what/are there physical characteristics that body workers should be aware of?”
“I am studying fitness level 2 and have a question about power test. It says I need to compare global power and local power to compare. For example, if I had 14 feet for seated chest pass for global power, but I had 20 feet for local power. Then do I need to work out to have same number for global and local? I am not clear what to do after compare the numbers. Can you explaine what to do when I have different numbers?”
“Do you require that someone demonstrate the entire top tier of SFMA as FN before they begin strength training? I get the idea of demonstrating movement competency before loading a pattern but is it strictly necessary that they demonstrate functional movement on all top tier? Certainly you wouldn't load a painful pattern but if they are at least DN for all can they strengthen?”
“What are the best exercises for lower crossed syndrome?”
“Do you recommend foot insoles for all golfers? Especially juniors?”
“Hello Guys! Any news with with the Junior App?”
“If player passes 90/90 test, would it be okay to incorporate over head movements such as the DB snatch. Risk vs Reward”
“How do you weigh giving a client full ROM and the possible negative impact it may have on their current swing dynamics?”
“Which route to specialize in ( junior or golf)?”
“The best advice to help golf professionals explain to parents the importance of off season programming for their child.”
“I work with Seniors.... How should I go about this to train them for more fast twitch muscle activation?”
“Hello, I’d like to know how valgus or varus knees affect the golf swing, and if should be done any special workout for it, especially the valgus knees.”
“What are the most common golf injuries you are seeing in children and adolescents? And what would be the focus of an injury prevention program?”
“For the Junior training as it relates to building speed I did the SuperSpeed Certifications and want to know should i allow the junior to just swing the club anyway they want and not focus on any particular sequencing until later on.”
“I have 3 LPGA's with R sided neck pain when they play. With full neck & shoulder ROM, what is the cause? What should I look at?”
“How do we distinguish power grip and strong grip? Will it can lead to tennis/golfers elbow?”
“A right handed client has L and R knee replacements, a left hip replacement, and both shoulders replaced as well. Thankfully they have no spinal issues. Would you recommend thoracic, wrist, and ankle mobility exercices to help their swing? I want to add mobility without endangering their repares. Trying to figure out where to start.”
“Please can you run through causes and fixes of the Looper Characteristic?”
“Could you discuss horizontal, angular and vertical releases and their effect on ball flight?”
“What are your go to correctives (level 4x1,2,3,4) for SL Balance?”
“Suggestions for golfers with thumb CMC or MP jt break down. regarding alternate grip or larger grip options.”
“We do the lat test against a wall to prevent extension in the lumbar spine. Why don't we do the same with the 90/90 test?”
“What's your favorite game/activity to do with a group of junior golfers?”
“With new client post evaluation, How much technical cueing vs build rapport/feeding emotional aspect do you like for session 1?”
“What kind of drill(s) do you recommend us to teach Junior proper pressure shift?”
“I am treating a Golf Pro in my office (chiropractor here) and he has hit a plateau in regards to his thoracic extension and rotation (some improvement but still not optimal). I tried to switch to the SFMA screen to dive deeper and gather more info about why he has hit a plateau but was unable to even get him into the test position. What would be the best way to progress and further help my patient?”
“Currently utilize Level 1 Screen, Fitness Screen, Trackman4 and K Motion for initial client evaluation. Any suggestions from a business perspective how we should charge the client...offer it all one price or break them out. for example do level 1 and fitness together then Trackman and K motion separately. After initial evaluation we separate the services. Trackman4 and K Motion primarily being used to communicate with Golf Pro -Kelley and I are focusing on PT and Fitness.”
“For Early Extension, assuming good glute strength, plenty of core strength, and solid ankle you guys go to RNT Training?”
“How can I share my screen with other My TPI team?”
“On the prosite is there going to be a way to determine the patients who have been doing their exercises and who has been inactive with work flows to retarget those patients who have been clinically lazy”
“Will the search engine on the pro site be updated? I often have difficultly finding exercises even using the exact name of the exercise as listed”
“Stretching at the golf course? When? What stretch?”
“Do you think having technology, like k vest, is a good investment for a hospital based golf injury treatment and prevention program?”
“Pressure and How to position CoM in transition to produce a mechanical advantage? where can I learn more?”
“What are some good ways to blend fitness and golf skill training in one class for a group?”
“What is your advice for PTs aiming to improve their business in an area where there are very few TPI certified Golf/Fit/Med Pros?”
“How do we keep our clients consistent? I believe that is the key to success.”
“what role do you see physicians playing on your teams? How do we start a hospital based TPI program to help our young golfers?”
“How to approach high school golf coaches and golf pros? - Taylor Davis”
“Regarding 4x4 matrix for SFMA: Doesn't the research show that randomness and variability of practice increases motor skill retention? Wouldn't this mean that 4x4 matrix exercises that ASSIST the pattern may be less effective because although they may improve performance they impede retention? ”
“Any Chance of being able to import Gears screening and swing data into the TPI pro site”
“What exercises can I do to get rid of tendinitis in the lead leg. Specifically the outside of the calf?”
“What are your favorite corrective exercises for ASLR and Toe Touch?”
“Will the new prosite have descriptions of what props to use for exercises. Its would be nice if they where listed so you could print them out or see on the iPad”
“Do you have already set month/dates, place for Golf Summit 2020?...and let say if can not watch the webinar live, in how long time will be uploaded on TPI site to be seen?”
“[Eye] Suppression, can it be fixed?”
“Can we recommend the toe touch progression for clients having L5&S1 disc lesion ?”
“Will you have any Level 3's during 2020 Summit? ”
“Have you added the ELDOA program to Level 1 certification?”
“TPI has focused much on mobility, stability, power and speed, but what about Central Nervous system response training?”
“Is There a possibility of a course for movement therapist who have their massage license?”
“Are you going to have a Power Level 3 this year? can't wait for this to happen.”

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