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Medical 2 | July 16th, 2019

“What app do you use the smartphone for goniometer measurements?”
“What benefits have you seen cupping create for TED and at what locations?”
“How do we improve weight transfer during the golf swing? What is the correct weight transfer during the swing?”
“Is it appropriate to add overspeed/underspeed training such as SuperSpeed program if swing fault such as reverse spine angle is present?”
“Mid -Season mobility imbalances. Where do you see this occur most for players. T-spine, hips, shoulders? Or other areas?”
“Athlete has symmetrical quadriceps girth measurement bilateral, full DF ROM, hip has been cleared. However, athlete still presents with asymmetry during anterior excursion on YBT. Any tips on what you would further address?”
“What are your favorite SFMA MSR corrective exercises?”
“What is your favorite exercise for hip internal rotation mobility?”
“Attending M3 this year. I have also completed fitness level 2 and am interested in completing the level 3 course for this as well. Do you think it would be too much to do both of these in the same week?”

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