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Webinar | Dec 1, 2020

“As a medical pro looking to treat more golfers, what are some effective ways to grab the golf pros attention?”
“In the country club setting, how do we create marketing and training synergy with the golf pro staff?”
“What’s the best form of marketing?”
“How would you start introducing this golf specific training to Individual that are not used to it or never heard of it?”
“What’s the best method to market yourself when your coaching knowledge is much higher than your playing ability?”
“How do you handle time management when a client won’t stop sucking up your time for more information?”
“Website for business, pros/cons?”
“Is there a software platform best utilized for remote training and interaction?”
“Please give me some good ideas on how to price online services.”
“Wondering if I should start with an established golf fitness group/team to break in to the space. Any idea of how to find them other than a Google search, TPI main site? If there are golf fitness companies in the TPI space, do they reach out to fill employment opportunities?”
“How do you help an employee become a better “seller”. Finding the time to call back every inquiry is tough but knowing that I’ll have the best conversions makes me want to make the calls. Do you have specific tactics or ways to train someone?”
“As a chiro, is it better to have 2 separate business models? What is the best way to integrate TPI along with chiropractic care?”
“How do you see the business of golf changing over the winter months as COVID continues to be an issue?”
“When moving to a new area, what’s your best simple advice for getting known as a golf performance therapist by local golfers?”
“In regards to contacting golf pros, you mentioned you had issues with emails getting ignored. Would it be frowned upon or a faux pas to DM on instagram/social media? Or should it be just by any means necessary?”
“I’m a teaching professional with my own established instruction business at a green grass facility. How does the Business of Golf Performance program apply to my situation to make it most effective?”
“Are these rules true for all golf clubs (public, member, private) and all countries? Or is there some differences depending on nationalities, age, gender?”
“When you say ‘back end systems’ what specifically are you referring to? Accounting, website, client collaboration platform?”
“How does the new level 1 class by you differ from the other marketing module offered by FitGolf on TPI store?”

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