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Webinar | December 15th, 2020

“Distance to the ball can you give an opinion on how one would decide if a person is to close or too far?”
“Any TPI insights to Mike Weir’s recent resurgence?”
“Should the knee during backswing maintain flex or go into extension. Pros/cons?”
“Suggestions for aspiring instructor who has only TPI education?”
“What’s your thought on indoor batting cages? pros and cons? will it hurt a 14yo baseball swing?”
“Do you recommend any apps/websites that provide stat compilation and then from data gathered, it recommends practice games/strategies for the player?”
“In the pelvic tilt test, can you talk in more depth about ‘shake & bake’ (perturbations)? Should it be easy to improve the smoothness of the motion?”
“What are thoughts about the work that Mike Adams/EA Tischler have done concerning understanding how people's different biomechanical make-up affects someone's ideal movement?”
“I’m trying to improve my social media presence. I have hours of videos to edit. What services/programs do you use or recommend?”
“What is the most important thing to develop in young players and what process do you use when working w/ young teen beginners?”
“What drills/exercises would you perform to improve ground force reaction transfer in the swing?”
“During the power testing and there is a difference between the global and relative test, which one is the most important.”
“What is your thoughts on instructors that branch out into a lot of areas, should you specialize or be able to teach loads of aspects?”
“What level of priority would you put on posture? And would you say there are specific preferences.”
“I know there are infinite swing styles, but if each one of you had to pick one perfect swing, effective and aesthetically pleasing, whose would it be?”
“How do you teach the lag in full swing to 9-10 year-old?”
“What exercise/lift would you suggest for kids pre-growth spurt?”
“When do you start tightening up mechanics with an overswinging & undersized junior? Assuming they are working with a fitness pro?”
“Discuss TPI screens related to FMS: ASLR and SM”
“What do you think about FocusBand and what tool do you use to improve focus during golf training session?”
“Junior golfers lifting weights too early — how can they be harmed?”
“I have several students that have good fundamental swings but get to the top and the club gets across the line. What assessments would you use to diagnose possible body issue?”
“Any other exercises (ie using resistance bands or smash balls) to give to my players to enhance the use of ground force?”
“Just completed the Power Level 2 class. In a 6 week program where would you put the emphasis for club level golfers. More on technique or more on the fitness component? Or can you be effective doing both in that short of a time frame?”
“As an Instructor with limited funds for new technology what would recommend first to purchase (Boditack, KVest, other)?”
“In your experience, what separates the elite tour players from the journeymen?”
“I am using blast golf sensor, and one of the things it measures is when your hands reach maximum speed on the downswing. I can manipulate my swing to make my hands reach maximum speed at 60% or right at the contact (100%). What's your take on maximum hand speed on the downswing?”
“Some golfers (Pro and Amateur) hold grip too tight. I think it's important to relax arms and shoulders. What is your favorite drills to relax arm and shoulder during swing?”
“What are the best ways to generate club head speed?”
“In many rotational sports athletes move in a linear fashion into rotation. Identify best screens. (TPI, OnbaseU, Racquetfit, FMS,etc.)”
“What are some of your best programs for players and how do you price them?”
“I’ve heard some coaches advocate 1/3 practice time for each part of the game - putting, short game and long game. Do you agree with this? Also how much % time would you recommend for on course playing vs practicing with an elite player?”
“When you have an injury, how have you been staying sharp with the rest of your game?”
“In the scenario where no physical limitations are present, what is the best balance point on your foot? Balls of your feet, middle, or heel? How balance can affect backswing and downswing?”
“Block practice vs random practice?”
“What is the most effective and useful way you have found to communicate with the team; trainers and medical?”
“Ben (Crane), were you “born” a great putter, or did you simply cultivate that skill through hard practice?”

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