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Webinar | May 31st, 2023

“How do I get started?”
“How do you a run a cash based PT? I always thought PT was more insurance based.”
“What are some tips for selling packages to clients at the time of their TPI assessment instead of them saying “let me work on things for a bit and then I’ll reach out to schedule”?”
“I work in a regenerative practice rehabilitating patients post injection such as PRP. I currently am working with a Troon golf course running small TPI Level 1 classes. I am wondering how to best present my TPI services (level 1, Med2,Med3) at golf courses to acquire more TPI clients?”
“If you are providing a superbill, you are doing an actual PT eval and just including the TPI screen so it is actually considered PT? Do you then have the client/patient get a PT order if they have sessions go beyond the 30 day direct access date?”
“Q3 approaching with everyone playing constantly, any tips or recommendations on promos or strategies to capture new clients who are ultra focused on spending all their time on the physical course?”
“Any tips on marketing the TPI screens to current PT patients?”
“Is there any recommended software, simulators, and launch monitors that can be used as part of the setup?”
“What should I do if a manager of a course doesn't get back to you about setting up a meeting?”
“How much do you suggest charging for a workshop?”
“What is the best referral system to get clients word of mouth or referring partners?”
“What is the best way to market TPI fitness skills?”

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