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Webinar | July 28, 2020

“In reference to the power class, regarding “diesel fuel engines”, since training in the gym for power in essence has been deemed ineffective and leads to injuries, is there anything at all that can be done to improve power?”
“Since power training deemed ineffective for “diesel fuel engine" players, how about utilizing Big Break Theory and Overload vs Overspeed Training—although not using them as part of recommended 4x4 power matrix would there be any clinical gains or would it be futile?”
“Trying to not early extend my weight gets far back into my heel. Is this okay or should I be using my toes to push back?”
“Elite players determining stock shapes, what factors do you use to recommend best ball flight (not including personal preference)?”
“In the last webinar, you talked about hips deceleration at impact. Stability of lower body seems not enough to do that, right?”
“Can you talk a little bit about breathing and the best way to clean up a squat?”
“As a new grad DPT, what are some good ways to market myself / start up a side business for golfers?”
“Can you discuss clubface position, closed and open. Body position match ups and screen match up?”
“Clarification on bending of the elbow or soft elbow, what effect on hitting the ball straight?”
“Greg talked about moving of the feet in the downswing, i have noticed that with the guys I play with move their feet so much that it causes the club to lose the face to path relationship. How to correct?”
“Medical 2 certified, and have started a performance based service/business for golfers. I am starting to reach out to golf coaches to develop relationships, however I would like some insight on pursuing a golf instruction/coach certification. Would this be counterintuitive?”
“When training using medicine balls, are there certain times (i.e. off season, approaching in season) when you tend to use more of a simulated golf swing movement?”
“I became Lv1 Certified and considered Power 2 and Medical 2…should I wait to get some experience using the screen before pursuing Power or Medical certifications? Also, if I had to choose one or the other, which one?”
“In the Lat test, how close (width) should the hands remain at the end of shoulder flexion?”
“What do you do when your pre-COVID clients ghost you?”
“COVID-19 stops our coaching. Thinking of building an indoor golf simulator. What kind of equipment and facilities would you recommend that fit into deliver fitness/medical services?”
“ Does the press pallof have a positive transfer on the golf swing? Or does it only serve to prevent injury?”
“I have a client with a long backswing, any drills you recommend to help with tempo?”
“I have a client 15yrs old that has scoliosis, 27º curvature, he has no pain and cleared to exercises and play golf by his doctor. Knowing we can’t fix the curvature, can you offer advice to help him?”
“Does Fitness Level 2 help develop an understanding of how to write weekly/monthly programs incorporating the entire body?”
“When golfers are limited with range of motion (wrist/shoulders/hips) is it appropriate to set the golfers in positions to limit the amount of range of motion needed?”
“Is it important to learn to fire the glutes in activation? Suggested exercises?”
“What are some of your go to movements to help a golfer establish better awareness so they can disassociate?”
“Why does each coach have to enter a client profile with My TPI Pro Account? Each coach should have same visibility?”
“Can you explain centripetal and centrifugal force in the golf swing?”
“Could you speak to the benefits of barefoot training in the gym? How would you determine when its beneficial to train in shoes vs. no-shoes?”
“How do you in North America continue reaching the amateur and senior golfer to add golf-fitness into their game plan? Here in Europe, many stick to the old culture and suffer injuries.”
“During the TPI Power Test, if testing relativity is 1lb/20lb bodyweight, thoughts on how that equation transfers to training? Keep that equation, or mix it up as long as motion is not altered with a ball too heavy/too light?”
“On the downswing, the pelvis should tilt from anterior to posterior tilt. how do you practice this?”
“What is a good TPI test to determine if a player is ready to resume golf activity post L4-L5 disc herniation? If so, would that determine if any swing changes should be made?”
“When a golfer has limited thoracic rotation, would you look at ways to improve this, or try to work with it in their swing?”
“The best tip after 4 months of quarantine. Short Game? Putting?”
“Is there any apps/video tools available to analyze the kinematic sequence graph or do you need the full video analysis set up?”
“Can you guys put together exercise routines to follow (Mobility, strength, balance, etc.) instead of having to browse individual?”
“Can you give one tip to help a TPI Certified Physical Therapist develop an online golf rehab business?”
“What are your thoughts on keeping the feet flat through the swing vs heels off the ground?”
“4yo boy has a reverse grip, should he change it? Plusses/minuses?”
“Do you like/utilize BodiTrak? Must have?”
“What are your favorite FMS screens for mature golf and tennis athletes?”
“Anyway to access and address the kinematic sequence of a golfer from a rehab perspective without 3D?”

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