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Webinar | February 17th, 2022

“Pricing — How do you determine rates in your market? How can you make people think your services are not too expensive? What rates should I charge and packages? How do you look at competition comparatively?”
“Demo Days, The 4 Tests You Need To Be Doing, and what it is we’re actually selling”
“Once you’ve connected with a golf pro via client, how do you ask for referrals in a respectful manner (not coming across “sales-y”)?”
“Sell Your Services, Not The TPI Screen —‘Do you ever mention TPI services to MD’s?'”
“Speaking of selling TPI, I don't charge for the screen, it's like a doctors visit, I charge for the medicine to fix the problem which is usually the 6 week program. Is this a silly way to go about it?”
“As a golf instructor I find my students are resistant to my suggestion to see a fitness professional, so I've partnered with excellent fitness pros, but my students don't want to make that additional leap.”
“I have been successful at setting up Golf Clinics at my club. I have done three so far: one for women, men and for the youth. I am also able to get them to come in for a screen and two PT sessions. My issue is how do I get them to continue to see that they need me to train them. A lot them feel they have it and can do it on their own, when I know they need more.”
“I have an established Biomechanical Chiro and Podiatry clinic, what sort of email/info should I send out to my patient base to make them aware of what I do as a Med level 2?”
“Chris, I'm an American working out of South Africa. The US$ to South African exchange rate is 14-15:1. At $100, that’s $1400-1500 of their money. I cannot see the average client paying that type of flow. What would you recommend?”
“Best way to stand out in an area with a few TPI certified providers? Mostly PT in my area. I'm a chiropractor, fyi. Not sure what other people charge around here.”

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