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Webinar | June 1st, 2021

“What does a typical session look like for a client? Do you follow a general template, etc?”
“How do you discuss with a lower handicap golfer who thinks their timing may suffer when working on their movement limitations?”
“What advice can coaches give to students 2 encourage short game & putting practice vs just "Hitting Bombs"?”
“Have you used Hack Motion for wrist angles and golf swing evaluation?”
“Dave, as a pro, what do you expect from a golf fitness trainer?”
“I finished Level 2 but failed the exam,  My launch monitor knowledge is only 50%. what is the best way to learn the stats?”
“How is the best way to start and integrate into your practice?”
“What is the best way to prevent coming out of posture? For example, raising hips or arms and falling back.”
“Client has issues with lat and shoulder mobility, and have seen some improvement but he’s starting to slow down and plateau. How do we know if we’ve hit our limit? When is enough enough?”
“How can we order one of those fancy TPI golf bags? That would be a great marketing tool on my lesson tee!”
“My coach wants me to blend "golf specific" work into the workouts, like their swing drills. How do I go about this?”
“What is your favorite warmup sequence that takes 5 minutes or less?”
“With a new client, how long do you recommend waiting in between fitness screens? My 74 year old client is eager to reduce it.”
“What is the reason on 3D graph for lead arm decelerating before torso? Plus possible drills to improve?”
“Are there swing flaws juniors possess that you should that you should wait to address until their muscle can support adult movement?”
“What is the most efficient way to maintain consistency in swing all through the round?”
“Lack of side bend with torso and pelvis at impact. Could it be a physical limitation and what do you recommend?”
“Do you guys ever allow certified members a chance to visit TPI and be a fly on the wall while you guys do a session?”
“After stretching out a client, how much time should pass before they start playing a round of golf?”
“How soon do you recommend strength training in kids?”
“What are some simple pelvic mobility warm up drills one can do with chronic SI Joint Dysfunction?”
“Woman with hyperlodosis with reverse spine angle (no pain so far). Get her out of Reverse Spine Angle as soon as possible, right?”
“Assuming Lv 1 Screen is ok,  how do you address a limitation that would occur DURING a golf round? (eg lower back freeze) ”
“What is the protocol for submitting an article for the website”
“I vaguely recall a couple "quick fixes" you showed us for toe touch,  T-rotation, more? Could you review those again?”
“What is your opinion on speed training and explosive fitness workout for golf (heavy weights)?”
“Value of M2 certification with acupuncturist pain manager/trigger point experience?”
“Will there be a Lv 3 Fitness Webinar or in-person training this year?”
“What are some successful ways you've seen new L1 instructors package an offering to get their first few clients?”
“What are your best money moves for each of the ‘Five Gangs?’”
“How often should we re-screen clients? Should it be a set timeframe (every ‘x’ weeks/months), # of workouts, or another marker?”

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