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Webinar | February 16th, 2021

“Talk about the struggles of players playing golf on wrong side of the ball without their dominant side. What we can do?”
“How long do you normally work with amateur players for one session? One hour etc? How do you structure this session?”
“Any new exercises to help young athlete with over the top and all arms swing? with covid, no access to cable machine/home gym”
“How do we implement a 16yo teenager into the TPI junior group as a beginner?”
“What are your thoughts on golfers wearing weightlifting shoes in the gym (raised heels)? Does the answer change based on ankle dorsiflexion?”
“Besides head on and down-the-line camera angles, do you ever film from any other angles? If so, what are you looking for from those positions?”
“I feel like every now and then I have someone who has both C AND S posture. Is that possible?”
“Which swing characteristic(s) can contribute to a cupped left wrist?”
“How do you best manage player expectations when you are working with a physical issue that affects player confidence?”
“Would you have a recommendation for mental app or any app or program to assess and train mental aspect?”
“Given COVID environment, any plans on offering level 3 programs online?”
“Would you try to load deep in the trail side in the backswing and try to hold posture during impact with hip arthrosis, or better accept early extension and teach around?”
“Beyond Kinematic Sequence and other swing factors during an assessment, can you suggest any drills using 3D technology during a training session?”
“I’ve seen and tried new apps out there for Golf Fitness—they do an assessment and then develop a program. Does TPI have any plans for something similar?”
“Do you prescribe an over the the top swing for someone who has trouble getting their trail hip back?”
“Losing awesome swing modifications after a couple rounds after putting in block, random and transfer training over months. Why?”
“I have a top junior who has great width of left arm all the way to P5, then it bends a lot through impact and chicken wings. He passes all shoulder mobility tests….what could be going on here?”
“Is there a level of concern if there’s a repeating audible popping of the hip during supine heel taps?”
“With regards to the 4x4 power matrix during the absolute strength training, what sets and reps would you recommend?”
“Using the 4x4 power matrix, how do you know when to move on to the next phase, is it over one session or weeks in one phase?”
“Advanced exercises to help pick up speed in the downswing?”
“I recently had a student go on a force plate. All his forces were above PGA average and timing was good but 110mph swing. Why?”
“Can you elaborate on the pressure traces ie. the counter clockwise motion instead of the straight line? What trace for accuracy?”
“Can Greg please demo the rotary stool drill he showed in the P2 class?”
“How do you get seniors golfers to hit the ball further?”
“Which is the best ELDOA stretch to relieve sciatica down the left leg?”
“Does excessive neck extension on the back swing potentially cause neck problems?”
“Of all the current info (technique, fitness, power, etc) which area do you think is still in infancy? ie most room for growth?”
“What past and present instructors have influenced you the most?”
“Any stats on hip flexion in the transition?”
“Any advice when reaching out to college and university golf coaches? Would a free screening for the coach break any NCAA rules?”
“When working with a junior how can you convince a parent the importance of athletic development as part of lessons?”
“I’ve been asked to do TPI screen for high school golfers - is there a more appropriate screening in Jr Golf Certification?”
“Are there copyright infringement with using the information learned in a repackaged way?”
“What would you recommend to enhance internal/external rotation of hips when it is currently limited?”
“What type of fitness movements would you consider detrimental to the golf swing?”
“How do you generally structure your workouts for golfers? Soft-tissue, mobility, power, strength, conditioning…?”
“Please help me understand why so many of my golfers are so much weaker on their trail leg/hip, and how to address it.”
“How do we develop an exercise routine for our clients after assessment?”

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