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Webinar | August 31st, 2022

“How do you train the pros during the week of a tournament?”
“Can a warm up routine be the same as the set of exercises prescribed after a screening session?”
“On the OnBaseU side, do you have any data regarding power/fitness testing to determine HR potential or fastball speed potential?”
“I just started training my son & the top player on the high school team. What is your recommendation for training 14-17 year olds with very limited to zero weight training experience. Should I focus on building a strong base in weightlifting fundamentals?”
“Some of the best professional golfers in the world slide their waist at impact. How is it possible to generate power doing it?”
“Personal opinions on cryotherapy tanks, red light therapy and or pulse wave therapy? Currently working at place that offers all.”
“For my next TPI course would you suggest signing up for Fitness 2 or Junior 2 (my niche is training those high schoolers/middle schoolers)?”
“Favorite treatment and 4 x 4 matrix for fixing shoulder ER when T spine rotation is fine, and they do not have excessive IR?”
“Have you guys done any research on the effects of footwear on golf swing power/speed/efficiency?”
“I'd like a quick breakdown of adding a new client, taking their assessment, and building out a program for them.”
“Is it correct to say a wrong kinematic sequence can be the cause of back or shoulders pain (coming from overuse = stress area)?”
“Can you explain the difference between one plane and two plane golf swings? Is either one better?”
“On topic of GFR, Tony Finau won 2x last month wearing spikeless/cleatless shoes. For a while there were no PGA Tour holding the trophy without spikes. Any personal takes on that?”
“TPI Fitness encouraged us to increase complexity of exercises, not just weight. When do you progress weight vs complexity?”
“What are your top 3 favorite speed drills for women amateurs?”
“What drills would you use to work on the different GRF’s? If you are looking at adding more vertical force, what drills would you recommend?”
“Why would a golfer with limited hip IR NOT slide on the downswing? Should I still address the hip IR?”
“Is the power screen in P2 and the fitness screen in F2 the same?”
“If player cleared the correctives 4x4? For a 2 hand 2 weight deadlift, when to increase weight versus progress to 1-hand 1-weight deadlift?”
“What are your go-to exercises and stretches for internal hip rotation restrictions?”
“Could you comment on some common mobility limitations and recommendations I could make for older golfers that don’t have a swing coach? Communication to a swing coach that might not have a TPI background?”
“We are designing our winter Speed program. We are going to use a combination of golf instruction, fitness and Super Speed/Stack System. As a medical professional, I have my concerns regarding putting a big engine in a poor moving vehicle. We have tons of people interested but we are trying to create a limiting criteria to reduce risk of injury… Thoughts on how you might pick participants?”
“Regarding Internal rotation, how about actual manual therapy you perform on your golfers with limited hip rotation…what’s your “money maker”?”
“What’s your perspective on Will Zalatoris’ back injury? Potentially swinging faster than his body strength/build is capable of?”
“Any update on delivery of the TPI bag?”

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