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Fitness 2 | April 24th, 2019

“When you’re done with the 3x3 strength and the 4x4 power matrix, how should we progress from there?”
“Tommy Fleetwood appears to have quite bad kyphosis, given the standard of golf he plays would it be bad to change this?”
“Can you get PDFs of all the exercises (as a study aid for the Fitness 2 certification)?”
“How are the MyTPI Pro Website updates mentioned at the WGFS coming along?”
“Greg’s Thoughts on ELDOA Online Class”
“What do I do for seniors?”
“What strategies are used to modify faulty motor patterns or create new ones?”
“Please tell me a good way to train a player whose head moves right and down during the backswing, and when some players their heads moves down too much on the downswing.”
“Do you plan to offer the ELDOA Workshop here in the UK?”

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