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Webinar | January 6th, 2022

“I want to apply TPI at-home training to compliment in-person instruction. Ultimately develop more residual income from web based learning. Suggestions?”
“As a medical provider, how to start TPI program and define services to public?”
“Best online marketing strategy for M2 provider. Tired of the $29 specials?”
“Can you repeat how this % apply when you have employees do the job for you?”
“I'm a DC and am starting a brand new practice at a golf course. I would really love some info on what equipment I need to get started at a minimum. I'm also trying to figure out pricing for a golf performance assessment.”
“In order to increase revenue potential, does group classes work well? Up to 4 people. Having 2 or 3 coaches taking care of them. Does it stimulate people since it could be done with friends or people alike??”
“What advertising mediums (tv, radio, etc) do you utilize to market to your best client?”
“Where do I find info about the business of TPI course you mentioned?”  (Course Link)
“What's the average cost for a body function screening?”
“What’s the best way to advertise and get people?”
“Who is the best person to get in contact with at a private country club in order to do a marketing event at the course? GM?”
“Would you suggest making a golf-based treatment aspect in addition to an existing practice, or a separate business?”
“What do you think is needed for accurate/repeatable video analysis?”
“What are typical package offerings and price points for services?”
“I am a newer teaching professional and I was a playing professional for 2 years. I am TPI L2 golf certified and working on TPI Fitness L2 and Power L2. Would it be wise to open up my teaching business to also do golf / performance training? Or does it make more sense to open up online golf lesson training?”
“Any advice on an initial elevator pitch when just meeting golfers (unsure of if they fit your ideal client or even know anything about the performance side of golf)?”
“What are the top 3 aspects of of starting a new golf workout studio that you think are key success factor?”
“Could you give a quick overview of your high ticket/small group service offerings?”
“Hi Chris, What do you include in your initial evaluation? I am a PT.”
“I teach golf only. What would you recommend charging per 50 min private lesson, and for my Junior group sessions, once a week, what should I charge per junior? // Average golf professionals around my area are $60 to $70. I know I offer a better service but afraid I won’t get enough clients as they can find someone cheaper”
“What is the minimum area to build a studio that fits 4 people at the same time, comfortably?”
“From the sounds of it your initial assessment is very complete and involves tech equipment… how long does it take to take a client through the hole assessment 60, 90?”

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