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Webinar | May 7th, 2020

“Why should the lead grip be stronger than the trail grip?”
“How do you know which part of the Big 12 Screen to attack first if there’s multiple?”
“Lumbar orientation and the relationship to Early Extension”
“What’s the best way to correct Reverse Spine Angle and Early Extension?”
“What’s a good drill to help the body initiate the downswing?”
“Out of the 12 swing characteristics, which ones make up the most common?”
“For female golfers having a hard time initiating with their lower body and tending to cast, any advice?”
“Is it dangerous to allow the lead left arm for a right-handed player to bend on the backswing, to create some lift, if they have rotator cuff issues?”
“What are your feelings about having a right-handed player swing left (practicing left-handed stuff if you’re right handed)?”
“How to stabilize the trail arm shoulder girdle? How much rotation do we want in the hips in the backswing?”
“Besides switching clubs and trajectories, are there any ways to use random practice while incorporating launch monitor data?”
“Are there any drills to prevent swinging to aggressively with irons (affecting strike)?”
“Do you have any suggestions on how I can coach golf when I’m not a licensed golf professional?”
“Can you quickly tell us what the ELDOA is?”
“Should I be targeted specific, or should I give all my clients a general warmup? Should they do some type of stretching before they play, or something they should do after?”
“What age range can you apply your ELDOA exercise to?”
“Can you share your favorite hip flexor stretch for the group?”
“Lateral sling, do you have a favorite stretch for the lateral sling/IT Band?”
“Your thoughts on foam rolling?”
“How does COVID-19 and this new norm of social distancing affect working with players?”
“Is strength a predictor of golf performance?”
“What’s the best strategy for gaining speed while at home?”
“Have you ever used the Orange Whip? Do you like it?”
“For efficient force transfer, do shoes matter?”
“Favorite exercise for power while we’re trapped indoors?”
“Does the length of the femur influence the results of the deep squat?”
“Can you run through an entire mock screen with a client? What happens after you do the 12 assessments?”
“How often do you recommend screening my students?”
“Do you do any modifications for screening and coaching seniors?”
“Can I audit Level 2 classes?”
“Would you do a webinar for Level 3?”
“Is there any printed material for the online courses?”
“How do you market your online lessons outside of just social media? How to decide on the benefits of online lesson platforms?”
“From the medical and fitness side, what’s the best way to market their program to a TPI or non-TPI certified golf professional? How do I create that connection?”
“First steps in marketing our services?”
“Who are some of the leaders in golf fitness? ”
“Putting dynamics, can you cover that? Also, thoughts on fat grips?”
“In Golf Lv2, you say that the Face Angle and Club Path are calculations. Is that still true with the current trackman?”
“Is the desired club path in-to-out, or is it in-to-target line?”
“What’s the best way to incorporate physical screening into your lessons?”
“What’s coming with the TPI Pro App?”
“Since walking has become more popular, what leg exercises will get me back into shape for walking the course?”
“What are the biggest mistakes pros make when training clients during the season?”
“What’s the major differences between training high school men and high school women?”
“On the app, how do I enter the data and track it?”
“How do we assess when we can continue training to improve a physical characteristic, or should we just throw in the towel and train around it/adapt it in their swing?”
“What are your thoughts on utilizing blood flow restriction training to facilitate strength gains?”
“When a player has been exercising the correct way for flexion as well as stability, what would be a realistic distance gain?”
“What additional trainings in addition to TPI do you recommend to go from a medical to a fitness professional?”
“How can TPI assist a young newly qualified Lv2 Golf Pro an internship or role with a Golf Academy?”
“Could you talk about the correct kinematic sequencing for a wedge shot?”
“What do you think is the most valuable part of the downswing sequence?”
“How would I get involved with becoming a TPI speaker at TPI events?”
“Any advice on treating golfers onsite at an event? Is it better to treat golfers after a round?”
“In half-kneeling dorsiflexion portion of the deep squat, does foot posture matter?”
“Most common cause for a push?”
“What exercises do you recommend for people with lower back pain/C-Posture?”
“I have a student that is very accurate but lacks distance. I notice that he has Late Buckle and stalls his swing. He has a left ankle dorsiflexion issue.”
“In Lv1 you discuss drawing the impact plane between slot and see if the clubhead traces the impact plane line—what does it mean if it’s above or below the impact plane line?”
“Club length causing Early Extension and Flat Shoulder Plane— Can you explain why it causes that and how do you know if it’s too long?”
“What is your opinion of the Tathata golf program? They prefer a rounded back setup.”
“So how can a Medical professional benefit from taking one of the other Level 2 courses like Fitness or Junior?”
“Golfers with left-eye dominance are more likely to see aim-line for right-handed putter, but most right-handed golfers are right-eye dominant. Would it be an advantage for a right-handed golfer to putt with a left-handed putter?”
“Why is there a relationship between ankle dorsiflexion and early extension?”
“Are there any specific contraindications for doing ELDOA?”
“What kind exercises do you utilize for someone with limited hip internal rotation due to trauma (car accident)?”
“Martial Arts they encourage you to breathe out when you strike. Would this have any benefit when hitting a golf ball?”
“How do you change training to young, hyperrmobile golfers?”
“Benefits of CBD?”
“Would you encourage glutei activation at the setup, to maintain the posture throughout the swing?”
“Torso Rotation suggestions to give clients who need work on their abdominal fascial stiffness/rib stiffness to increase torso rotation?”
“Thoughts on NASM golf training course?”
“Does TPI offer opportunity to shadow elite coaches?”
“Advice for helping students with mental game? Particularly with transferring these skills and movements from practice to the course.”
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