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Webinar | April 27th, 2023

“I’ve just made my first $1000, and obtained my first client. I know you’re a spreadsheet guru with Excel, but I’m not, lol. Do you have a recommendation to track my business KPI’s?” Link to Google Sheets. To customize, choose File>Make a Copy
“Being that there is no other performance coaches in Billings, MT, what are best practices in getting out there to a population that knows nothing about the performance side of golf?”
“How do you charge more to a player with whom you have been working for 4 years?”
“As a P,T a few clubs are reaching out to set up stretching/massage at member events. The first time I understand using it as a marketing event, but if they want you at multiple events are they open to a flat rate fee or the PT charging participants a fee for service?”
“Thoughts on partnerships with other companies that focus on the golf swing without getting into the body/TPI?”
“Since you are a PT, do you maintain a medical record of your clients with documentation of each visit?”
“Are you a medicare Provider with a PTAN number? If not, not a problem, but if you are would it be better if you have them sign an ABN (Advanced beneficiary notice)?”
“Do you have an initial questionnaire for new clients? If so, would you be willing to share?”
“How do you suggest dealing with a skeptical pro?”
“I'm opening a small golf gym in New Zealand, about 500-550 sq ft. Would this space be big enough to offer memberships to people? i was thinking of making the membership a bit more pricey but they get programming too, to increase value of each customer?”
“Can you review what tests you do for on site free screen to get them to come into office for full assessment? Are you doing a TPI level 1 screen?”
“How big was your business Chris were you when you shifted from being a ‘solopreneur’ to starting to scale with employees?”
“Liability insurance as a Fitness Pro (what kind should we carry)?”
“How do you get across the “finish line”? Meaning, we have built great relationships, have had pros in, have TPI Assessment days at clubs, but we are struggling to get referrals from the pros, and/or we are lacking in sign-ups for the ‘On-Site Quick Assessments’?”

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