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Webinar | August 10th, 2021

“Are there specific ranges you look for when working on wrist angles?”
“Dave, do you have any thoughts that could maintain correct side bend through the shot?”
“Now that I’m TPI certified, where can I go to build community, such as a cohort, web conferences for pros, and FB group for certified pros?”
“I am a physical therapist in Nashville and recently opened a golf centered clinic! I currently have a client who is having a catching right sided lower back pain in his down swing. He does have limited right hip IR; however, I have needled him multiple times. This is a very temporary relief. As soon as he golfs, the catching pain returns. He does work as a life insurance agent, so he is sitting at a computer for the majority of his day. Any suggestions on where to go from here?”
“Juniors: If you were training your son or daughter would you just go at their pace or stick to the main milestones (speed, strength, etc.)?”
“Favorite short game drills to practice on the putting/chipping green?”
“Desired Lead Wrist Angles - Kinematic Graphs?”
“How do you fix sway and head movement in the backswing (it’s minimal but there) Movement quality is good with assessments.”
“How to help students understand the pivot better?”
“Best drill(s) for the dreaded shank?”
“What mobility issues can affect a putting stroke the most?”
“Arizona State University did a study on a 6 foot putt found that golfers using their left brain had a success of 29% while players using the right brain had a 95% success  How do you cue players to use right brain?”
“I’ve been listening to Dr Stuart McGill, and he talks about how certain weight training movements hurt elasticity.  Specifically, he mentioned how he advises against squats for golfers.  He seemed to really dislike modern weight training for golf.What do you think about this?”
“Ingrained unwanted swing fault subconsciously while playing on course and it’s tough to get rid off, why?”
“Is there a skill level where The Kinematic Sequence becomes relevant? When should it be studied for a given player?”
“Specific for the driver: Longer length with greater speed and fewer center hits, or shorter length with more center hits?”
“Should athletes warm up before power screens?”
“I’m a DPT Currently working with a 24 year old boy who is having (R) side sharp lower back pain in downswing. Advice?”
“What's the best tip to prevent the golfer from using their arms too much, causing extra stress on the rotator cuff, specifically the lead arm causing bicep tendinitis?”
“Just checking back on something you mentioned in the motor pattern conversation. Do motor patterns "go away"?  Or, is it more about developing a larger repertoire from which to choose?”
“What is one of your favorite drills to address excessive internal rotation with the trail shoulder in someone’s swing?”
“Junior Programming Model: Is there any science/reason to the order of skills (striking, then kicking, then underhand, etc)?”
“Can you share Force Plate sequence values please?”
“Any additional exercises to improve lat length? Could something else be going on? Failed overhead deep squat and lat test”
“Newly Level 1 TPI Certified trainer and I have a 13 year old girl who would like to work with me for 4 weeks.  She just made her golf team and wants to be a better golfer.  She’ll be my first client.  Do I treat her as an adult, and take her through the standard screening? How do you suggest our first 4 weeks look? (feat. milo bryant)”
“For SuperSpeed protocol they start from the lightest to heaviest. Should I reverse it to match the throwing exercise?”
“Have a fitness client w/ limited arms down squat,  limited dorsiflexion. Both small gains,  still feels like fall backward. Any advice?”
“What are some physical cues to correct execution of the hip hinge?  What is the rationale for toes/heels elevated?”
“Advice on marketing to1) private club golf professionals, 2) general public. What are best strategies,  keys to success?”
“Would it be possible to briefly review the TPI Power Matrix sets/reps/rest protocol?”
“How would an instructor go about proposing and submitting an article for TPI?”
“What are your "go to" strategies to develop body awareness/kinesthetic skills?”

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