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Webinar | June 29th, 2021

“What is the best approach with older golfers (age 50+)?”
“I know you do small group classes. Can you describe the format? Length of time? Stretching vs. Strength? Yoga?”
“How do I get into golf clubs and meet more golf professionals?”
“Advice for a fitness trainer who has a meeting with a GM/Head Pro?”
“How you build a menu of services that you can link and bolt on to (for many different types of clients)?”
“I am currently in a mobile physical therapy practice, and working on trying to niche down to being golf specific. My practice area has no TPI Certified Golf Pros. How do I get golf professionals to see my value?”
“I’m from Toronto and a lot of the clubs in the area don’t have gyms so I’m thinking of putting together fitness clinics to offer surrounding clubs. Any suggestions on how to position these services? I’m thinking two-hour clinics where we discuss key areas of focus, run through a screen, and then have time for breakout exercise Rx.”

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